The Nail Files: Black and White Gradient

Wohoo! It's time for The Nail Files!

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This week, I was all about the simple mani. Call it laziness if you will but sometimes, a gal's just gotta be fast and easy, right? Wait...why does that look bad now that I read it back? Haha! Lack of eloquence aside, I'm sure you get what I'm saying.

I used exactly two polishes for this mani, both by Finger Paints: Paper Mache and Black Expressionism, and two makeup sponges (one for each hand).

I did one coat of white to start, and then two coats of gradient black and white on top. Then, I did a coat of Seche Vite, went to sleep, and peeled off the polish in the morning when I was in the shower. Haha! No, it wasn't the classiest of moves but the mani turned out great! After the polish was gone from my skin, I cleaned up my cuticles with some nail polish remover and a brush.

This was my first time doing a gradient with the darker colour on the bottom and I've gotta say that I dig it! It didn't take long (sleep time, aside, haha) and it's definitely a look that I'll do again.

And hey! If you're scared of doing a gradient, don't be! I did a little video tutorial that breaks it all down (plus you get to see how awesome I am "in person" - haha!) so click here to see that post.

Happy weekend everyone! And an especially happy Thanksgiving Weekend to my Canadian peeps!


  1. Tres cool. I have nothing to link up, but I did buy two new colors yesterday: mistress and drama. Made me wonder about my frame of mind.

  2. Sometimes fast and easy works, which is great in my world! I could see this looking wonderful in so many color variations :-)

  3. lol this is fast? They look fabulous! You could build upon it for a cool Halloween mani :)

  4. Oooh I love this look Jennie! It's like a classy goth look. And we both did makeup sponge looks this week :) #GreatMinds. Have a great Thanksgiving this weekend!! I've been invited to a Thanksgiving party so I think I'll do some celebrating too!

    aka Bailey

  5. It looks great! I'd love to try that with black and silver....

  6. haha You have such a great humor!

    The mani looks great! :) And classy or not, it sounds much easier than just sitting with a brush trying to get it all off. lol Or maybe it's just me, cause I have the hardest time with that. :p

  7. Hey was that "scared of doing a gradient" aimed at me?! LOL I am so LAME and didn't get my post up. But I am going to!! I love the dark/light gradient you did! I'm going to try one this month, promise!! Hope all's well in the move department! XO A

  8. Jennie.. I missed you!!!! I'm thinking up this week. This mani rocks and how cool for Halloween as well. I hope to someday master the gradient look.

  9. I dig this black and white gradient too! <3 Looks so classy! Perfect for Halloween too.

    Thanks for hosting Jennie!

  10. Wow, that looks great! I will have to check out your video because I am clueless about how to do this. I'm not sure what you peeled off, but it looks amazing!

  11. Cute nails! Love the designs & colors too! Also, thanks for hosting the link up :)

    Lillies & Silk

  12. Love it! I saw an orange and black gradient on Pinterest yesterday and loved it. ;) Thanks for hosting!


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