lord of the rings personality quiz (complete at your own risk)

Mondays kind of suck so here's a fun thing to put a smile on your face, if you like the Lord of the Rings, that is. One of my good pals, and CP, Gina, had this personality quiz, which uses the results of a Jung personality test to figure out which character you are.

Fun, right?

Well, I thought it would be, until I got my result…

Bilbo Baggins. 

Bilbo? For reals, personality quiz? FOR REALS?! Look, I'm not saying that Bilbo's the worst LOTR character but there are certainly more interesting ones. You know, like royals and fighters and super badass females who shoot arrows and cast spells and do all kinds of awesome stuff.

So, because something clearly went awry with my results, I took it the test again and REALLY considered my answers. And you know what? There were actually a few answers that, on my second try, I GENUINELY answered differently. And when I got to the end, I was satisfied that I had *cough*reconsidered*cough* enough questions to classify me as Arwen, Galadriel, or maybe even Gandalf. Brimming with confidence, I pressed the submit button and got…

Bilbo Freaking Baggins.


So yeah, I may not have gotten the character who I think I'm most like, but it's still pretty cool so I thought I'd pass it along.

Click here to take the quiz and then let me know who you are! Hobbit-High-Five for any other Bilbos out there. Haha!

LOTR Lord of the Rings Personality Chart Myers-Briggs Type MBTI