the nail files: your present required (with a dupe!)

Wohoo!! It's time for the nail files!

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It's Holiday Nail Polish Collection Time and I could NOT be more excited about it! Haha!! I picked up a few new bottles the other day (Sally's had buy two, get one free!!) and China Glaze's Your Present Required caught my eye the second I walked in. Mostly because it's just so darn pretty!!

What I used:
Sorry about the unfocused-ness here. I accidentally deleted the "good" one and then was too lazy busy to take another.

 The Mani:

This mani was pretty easy: two coats of everything! Haha!

I really loooooooooooooove this sparkle, guys. Like, a lot. A WHOLE LOT. To the point that I've already thought about buying another bottle because it's a limited edition. But then, I was picking up a few things from Walmart and I saw this!!

My first real-life dupe!! 

Yes, my ring finger has a different base coat. I tried it first with China Glaze Flying Dragon but I wasn't so much a fan. I MUCH prefer the white. Haha!

 China Glaze, Your Present Required - $5.95

Hard Candy, party central - $3.47

That's a crazy different price!! CRAZY DIFFERENT! Being a proud recessionista, I nearly died because it is legit the exact same polish. Seriously. You'd never be able to tell the difference. 

So there you go! If you love Your Present Required but haven't bought it yet, there's a much cheaper alternative out there! Yay!

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! 


  1. Love the real life dupe option because I prefer to NOT spend more than a few dollars on a polish. Cute!!!

  2. I love it when I find a more economical dupe - I'm a bargain hunter at heart! Love the range of polish colors, very pretty.

  3. Yay for lower priced dupes! Awesome find Jennie!! I love your mani this week as always. Aren't the holiday polishes great? I love that there are so many glitter packed beauties coming out now!:)

  4. Lovely! Good prices are always a plus! :)

  5. Obsessed!!! I think I will defiantly be getting my glitter on near the holidays now ;)

  6. "Recessionista" haha - nice one, I haven't heard that before! I love this glittery polish!! WHAT A BOTTLE OF FUN.


  7. I LOVE your ring finger polish! Very sparkly. :)

  8. I like the white with the glitter better too. That's great that you found a cheaper version.

  9. Thanks for the tip! I may have to mosey in Sally's this weekend.....

  10. I love that you found a cheaper version! Both are so pretty

  11. How are your nails so perfectly shaped and awesome looking?! #jealous :)

  12. Hello!

    Once again your nails are so pretty! Does your nail polish stay on all week though? Thanks for hosting the link up and enjoy your evening :)

    Lillies & Silk

  13. It may only be a few dollars but saving 50% is awesome no matter what. The polish itself looks so glittery too!! I think it'll be lovely especially during the holidays.


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