nye manicure: it's a formal affair

It's New Year's Eve!!


In honour of this super fun reason to drink way too much champagne awesome night, I did a super formal manicure. Or, at least my version of a super formal manicure. Ha! I'll confess that it was a total nightmare and it took me forever (let's not talk about the hot mess that is my right hand) but the end result was worth it!

What I used:

The mani:

Nothing says fun and formal like a monocle, top hat and bow-tie tux, right? Haha! Oh, I kill me...

See you all in 2014!!

(And be safe tonight, okay?)


the nail files: it's christmaaaaaaaaaaas (two days ago, but whatever)

Yahoo!! It's time for the nail files!

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Yeah, yeah, Christmas is over but I still wanted to share the mani I rocked for the holidays! Haha!

Special shout out to my baby bro for giving me a photo light box for Christmas! #uppingmygame

Pinky: Two coats of Paper Mache and then two coats of set in stones (which isn't in the picture of polishes because I forgot, whoops!).

Ring finger: Two coats of Paper Mache. When completely dry, I cut five bits of striping tape to make a triangle and then three criss-cross stripes over top. After pressing down because the strips are finicky sometimes, I did two quick coats of Running in Circles and then pulled off the tape right away. To seal the tree, I used one coat of HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat. When that was dry, I did another coat of Top Coat and then pressed the star decal and the garland stripes (one with six dots, one with five dots, and one with three dots). I waited until I finished all my other nails to do a final coat of Top Coat. (Side Note: this seems like an excessive step-by-step list but I swear it wasn't complicated--just time consuming!)

Middle finger: Two coats of Paper Mache, followed by two coats of There's Snow One Like You.

Pointer finger: One coat of Running in Circles and then two coats of Monster Mash.

Thumb: Inspired by the mega-talented Bailey - two coats of Paper Mache and, when it was totally dry, I added the dots with a large dotting tool. The ribbon loops were a bey-otch, so I used the Stripe Rite brush that I "tailored" for my leg-lamp mani by cutting off all but about four bristles. Ha!

Hope you're all having an awesome holiday season (and that you've recovered from your turkey comas! Ha!). See you next year! You know, cause next Friday is January 3rd. #badjoke #hadtodoit


happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yes, it's Christmastime but all of that goes on hold until tomorrow because today is my birthday!!


Add 31 to that shirt's number, and that's how old I am, today.  

So, in the immortal words of Teresa Giudice…


Will do, Teresa. Will do.



the nail files: birthday mani!

Yahoo!! It's time for the nail files!

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Just this week (three days ago, to be exact) I received my first "complimentary polish for an honest review," which pretty much made my life.

Side Note: When Nail Polish Canada contacted me last month to do a review, I nearly lost my mind because it (a) made me feel awesome and (b) it meant I'd get sample polishes!! Ha! 

I got five to review (eeeee!), which you'll get to see when I post my formal review in a couple of weeks, but one polish was so amazing, SO INCREDIBLE that I was all: THIS MUST BE IN MY BIRTHDAY MANICURE.

And you know what? My birthday's on Monday, so that worked out perfectly.

Yes, that means I'm an almost-Christmas baby, so although you were probably expecting another holiday manicure this week, you get a birthday one instead. TRICKED YOU! Hahaha!

Here's the polish that captured my heart:
It's called magic cake and it's amaaaaaazing. I mean, not only does it look like vanilla sprinkle cake (making it super birthday-mani-appropriate) but it's also a bit like Saved By The Bell in a bottle! Haha!

Here's everything else that I used with it:

 And here's the mani!

Pinky: Two coats of Warhol Wannabe.

Ring and Middle: Two coats of Paper Mache and then one thick coat of magic cake, applied with a flat nail art brush because otherwise, the confetti gets all glooped together (this is not specific to this polish, but to all big glitter/sparkle/confetti polish).

Pointer: One coat of Sparkle and Snowflake, followed by two coats of set in stones.

Thumb: Two coats of Paper Mache and then one coat of Celtic Sun.

I freaking loooooooooooove this polish, guys. It's the funnest polish EVAAAAAAAA! It makes me want to draw out the letters of one word in each sentaaaaaaance! Haha! But seriously, it's the best confetti colour combo I've seen yet and just looking at it makes me happy, therefore making it the perfect birthday polish! YAY!

And because next Friday is after Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


a tale of two christmas parties

One of my favourite parts about Christmastime is the parties. Work parties! Parties with friends! Family shindigs! Themed Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties! I LOVE THEM ALL! So, it's probably no surprise that I was super psyched for The Remix's work party, set to happen at a super-swanky restaurant in a wonderful part of the city. Living in New Brunswick was freaking awesome but there weren't many places where you could really dress up so we were pretty excited (YAY FOR ALL THE SHINY ACCESSORIES! Haha!). 

Side Note: The Remix was at this company for almost 11 years before we left, so he's kind of an old-timer, but this was the first Christmas party we went to because they were usually just for higher-ups, so we didn't know quite what to expect and were, therefore, a tad nervous.

The weather was horrible and the drive took twice as long as it should have but when we got to the restaurant, we were VERY happy we stuck it out. I mean, just look at how pretty the room was!

Okay, so this probably isn't the best picture because you can't see the massive, framed paintings on the wall, nor the MULTIPLE chandeliers and hand-painted ceiling but trust me, it was spectacular. Ha!

The party was set up kind of like a wedding reception, with a four-course meal and speeches in-between each serving. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of speeches because they can get a little boring but by the end of the night, the owner of the company had managed to personally acknowledge everyone (including The Remix, yay!). Quite the feat considering there are over 100 employees and the room was practically bursting with pride when the dinner part of the evening was over.

We had a lot of laughs and I was able to put some faces to names, which is always good and even though it took forever to get there, we were happy we made the effort.

But despite the awesomeness of the night and how much fun we had, it still wasn't enough to claim the coveted Best Work Christmas Party Ever Crown. 

You may be thinking: But Jennie, you said that it was swanky, heartwarming, and a super awesome time so how could it get better than that?

Well friends, sometimes it's not about those kinds of details. Sure, it's awesome to get dressed up and clap enthusiastically for people who deserve it but that doesn't make for a *great* story and since I'm all about The Great Story, my measuring gauge is somewhat different…

 (I'll warn you now that the rest of the post is borderline NSFW. There aren't any racy pictures, or even any swearing, but the content may be enough that you wouldn't want to be caught reading it at a conservative workplace. I bet you can't wait to keep reading now, haha!)

The Best Work Christmas Party Ever happened four years ago. We had been in New Brunswick for couple of months and were looking forward to getting to know the girlfriends/wives/partners of The Remix's work buddies because we were on the lookout for new couple-friends. Because we knew that the party was in the basement of a 50s-style diner, we opted for what we thought would be appropriate: a solid nice-casual look.

Well, it turns out that everyone else didn't think it was necessary to change out of their work clothes  before coming to the party (it was on a Friday) so we were the most overdressed couple there. Especially when you compared us to the one dude who was sporting grey sweatpants. You know the ones. With elastic hems? Made of cotton? That are designed predominantly for little kids or avid gym-goers in the 80s?

Yeah. Those.

Anyway, the night was kind of weird because it wasn't really a get-to-know-you affair as much as it was a get-shitfaced-soirĂ©e and that's not really our scene. The drinking died down a bit during the buffet but after the silver buffet trays were taken away and the DJ started playing music, it was all about the booze. Usually, drunkenness equals dancing but the dance floor stayed empty for a while until one couple, composed of the sweatpants-wearer and his girlfriend, took to the floor with vigour that rivalled a John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John number. It was super cute, as they only had eyes for each other, but then things started to get…well…awkward. 

They started kissing and before long, were full-on making out. And by making out, I mean that they moved across the dance floor until the girl's back was against the wall and the guy got to second base.  Please don't forget that there was nobody else dancing, so they were basically on display. I looked at The Remix, who was just as shocked/entertained as I was but everyone else just stole a glance and went back to their conversations. Confused that no one thought it was a big deal, we tried our best to ignore them (read: not stare too hard while giggling--yes, we are those kinds of people). 

Well, apparently the sweatpants-wearer and his girlfriend weren't too happy that they weren't the centre of attention so they moved their show to the tables where the buffet had been. Within seconds, she was sitting on the table with her legs wrapped around sweatpants-wearer's waist but before we could really process what was happening, she had leaned back and he was on top of her.

No, I'm not kidding. Just to recap: we were at a Christmas work party, the same party where sweatpants-wearer's parents were in attendance, and they were on top of the former buffet tables, grinding away like they were rehearsing a soft-core movie.

Needless to say, it was mind-blowing. 

They weren't there for long, though, because although fevered making-out against a wall was okay, former-buffet-table-grinding was over the line so one of the sweatpants-wearer's friends broke them up. They unhappily obliged and eventually got off the table, straightened their shirts and then walked back to the bar, which is when I almost choked on my wine and died.

Why did I almost die?

Think about it.

Heavy Grinding.
Unavoidable Physiological Reaction Of Heavy Grinding.

Did you get there? Are we on the same page? 

I'm talking about a sweatpant-boner situation, people! He literally led himself to the bar.

It was as ridiculous as it was amazing. I mean, he was in his thirties! And it was a CHRISTMAS PARTY. His PARENTS WERE THERE. Did he not know what would happen? Did he just not care?  THERE ARE JUST SO MANY QUESTIONS! Haha!

So although we've been to some super classy and fun work Christmas parties, including the one last weekend where I got to wear my fancy Kate Spade Ice Queen Bib (OhemgeeIloveitsomuch) the Night Of The Sweatpants Boner remains my favourite because you just can't make that shit up. Haha!

Do you have a good work Christmas/Holiday party story? Preferably one with some embarrassing inappropriateness? Ha!


the nail files: it must be italian

Yahoo!! It's time for the nail files!

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It's hard to believe but Christmas is just around the corner (as is my birthday--YAY!). So, I thought I'd share my holiday manicure. Originally, I did it to enter the China Glaze Holiglaze Contest but when I went to submit my picture, I read in the fine print that I couldn't reference a copyrighted image so after crying hysterically I decided to use for the nail files! Also, my nails are a DISASTER after moving so there's no way I'm showing them to you until they've had some time to recover. Ha!

If you've seen A Christmas Story, you'll get my incredibly awesome design (not that I'm biased, haha). If not, this clip will fill you in. Also, if you truly haven't seen A Christmas Story, you really should because it's all kinds of awesome. You can thank me later. Ha! 

My mani:

What do you have planned for a holiday manicure? Only few days left to squeeze them in!


the nail files: frozen tribute

Yahoo!! It's time for the nail files!

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So, combining glitters seems to be my thing right now and I can't stop, guys. I CAN'T STOP! The good news is that I don't really want to, so it all works out. Haha!

What I used:

 The Mani:

Two coats of Blu and then, using a flat nail brush, I added Sweet Dreams to just over halfway down my nail. Then, when it was dry, I used the same flat brush to add a coat of Mosaic Madness to the top third.

Although I haven't seen the movie Frozen, I've watched Kristen Bell (who I LOVE) promote the movie all over the place and that's almost the same thing, right? Haha!! Anyway, this mani is my tribute to the movie (mostly Kristen Bell, ha).

Happy Weekend Everyone! (And wish me luck as we're in the midst of our long-distance move! I'll be a more active blogger in a couple of weeks, PROMISE!)