pervy peeping pom

We've been in our new house for just over a month and, thankfully, it's finally beginning to feel like home. The majority of the boxes have been unpacked (or moved to the garage, tomato, toh-mah-to) and we're getting used to life in the country.

Now, we were sort of in the country with our house in Fredericton, but our home in Ontario is legit country. The neighbour to our left has a fairly chi-chi horse ranch and there's nothing but farm fields to see in just about every direction. In fact, our new property even has a pond! With fish! 

The years in Fredericton prepared me for how nature likes to get up in one's grill when living outside city limits, and I shared with you a few posts about how a city gal was acclimatizing to being in a more rural area. I must admit that after the whole bear debacle(s) I thought that I'd seen it all, but our new house had a few more nature tricks to show us.

For instance, there are coyotes EVERYWHERE. We hear them barking and howling at night and it literally sounds like they're in our backyard. Or front yard. Surrounded, really. And once, we found paw prints leading directly onto our property--a legitimate, fear-raising experience as we have two tiny puppies who would be no match for a single coyote, let alone a pack.

And then there's the birds. Holy moly are there a lot of birds. The former owners had approximately one kazillion bird feeders, but we've decided to only refill one for the winter because, you know, bird seed can get crazy expensive and I'm not about to have a bunch of birds eating better than we are. The lady at the farm supply store said that their mixed bird seed had "a little bit of something for everyone," which seemed like a stellar idea at the time, but then this happened…

Not only did an ENTIRE FLOCK OF TURKEYS decide to stroll on by, but since then, I've had to give Pepi THREE separate baths because he insists on rolling in their disgusting poop. Dear Pepi: WHY DO YOU WANT TO SMELL LIKE TURKEY POOP? QUIT IT! QUIT IT NOW!

But then…just when I thought that we'd reached our limit of insane nature experiences, something extraordinary happened. Quite creepy, actually, as nature seems to usually just exist around us. I never would have thought that, perhaps, nature was also watching us but now we have proof. Solid, inarguable proof.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a pervy peeping pom (you know, because bunnies have pom-pom tails. Hahahaha, I kill me). I don't know how often this particular woodland creature likes to peer through our living room window but it has most definitely increased my paranoia that someone is judging my housekeeping abilities watching me.

So take heed, dear readers, because I've learned that you may not just be watching nature, but nature may also be watching you! Hahaha!


  1. Wow that crazy you had turkey in your yard. In Michigan you would just have deers run around.

    So you have a peeping rabbit. The lady that live in my house before me would have squirrels come in here house during the summer. Which lucky we didn't have any coming in last summer. Just a tons of bees would come in the house. In Germany you have no screen on your window. So any kind of bug in welcome to come in your house.

  2. I can't even imagine having all that wildlife around! I'm such a city gal. Enjoy your new home!

  3. Maybe this is some sort of 'Frog Prince' scenario and it's really a dude, cursed into rabbit form, and...wait, that doesn't make this any better, does it?

    That IS pretty bizarre. Truly. Why, bunny....why??

    As far as coyotes go (I grew up in the country, with a lot of them), they always sounds like they've got your surrounded, a nice trick of the voice designed to freak out their prey. Keeping your pups inside (or only outside with supervision) from just-before-sunset to after-sunrise should be fine enough to keep them safe.

  4. Omg, talk about lions and tiger and bears. Your house is the animal party house, the jumpoff if you will! Also, I don't want to freak you out, but you SHOULD be really careful with keeping your little pups on a leash and close to you when you're with them in the yard at night. My parents house is in a pretty rural area and the coyotes have grown quite ballsy over the years. One of my moms little dogs was snatched while my mom was in the yard, and eaten by a pack of coyotes :(


  5. Omg. How did I miss this post?! What a creepy bunny!

    And you'd better believe I'd be making some creative threats to the coyotes. Mess with my furchild and you're toast.


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