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Yay!! It's time for the nail files!

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OPI had a competition called Your Nails Rock that I think is over now because I tried to find a link to share but it seems to have disappeared, which is a bummer for you (because it was open to everyone) but also for me because I guess that means I didn't win. Haha! Anyway, I wanted to share the mani because I thought it was super cute (not that I'm biased)!

I used two coats of e.l.f. Desert Haze on my pinkie, pointer finger and thumb and two coats of China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle on my ring and middle finger. Then, I cut up a bunch of striping tape and made the off-center crosses. After pressing down firmly on the tape, I did two VERY QUICK coats of OPI You Don't Know Jacques and then peeled off the tape as fast as humanly possible. To finish, I used Finger Paints Paper Mache and a dotting tool to make the little hearts.

(Side Note: this bottle of YDKJ is, um, embarrassingly old and because of that it was pretty thick and brutal to work with. Also, I think that the colour has morphed because it's a lot more grey than I remember, but since it's been so long since I've used it, I can't be sure. Haha!)

Oh, and do you want to know my secret trick for minimizing smudging on such a layered look? Well then come a little closer…

little closer….

It's top coat!


A coat of quick-dry top coat between different colours acts as a seal, which means that it will hardly smudge and/or bleed when you add another colour! And that's not all folks! I did two of these hearts twice (because the first ones were sucky) and because I had a layer of top coat overtop YDKJ, I was able to do a super fast swipe on my nail with a cotton pad with a bit of nail polish remover on it and then start again! YAY! (Please note, however, that you only get one do-over. If you try another nail-polish pad swipe, you'll remove some of the colour you're trying to protect.)

Some nail gurus may say this technique is cheating but who the heck cares? I've got other things to do aside from sit around and paint my nails all day so if there's a way I can do an awesome mani and still have time to cook dinner, everyone wins, right? Errr…in case I'm not being clear here, the answer is YES! Haha! 

I hope that my little confession helps you in future nail art adventures!

Have an amazing weekend, fellow nail enthusiasts! YAY FOR WEEKENDS!

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  1. I love the clean lines and the little hearts!

  2. They are perfect!


  3. Looks like a much easier/cleaner version of what I have on my nails! lol

    Bummer you didn't win :(

  4. Wow, really creative manicure! Love the peek of color through the stripes, especially the mint. :)

  5. your nails awesome. I nails are pink right now. I will be hopping back in to the nail files here soon.

  6. I never thought to do a top coat between color. BRILLIANT! And I love that nail look, by the way. I am definitely doing that when my striping comes in. :D

  7. Damn girl, those lines are perfect! I love the "wrapped present" look and YOUR HEARTS ARE ADORBSSSS.


  8. That looks so cute!

    Meanwhile, it took me a whole week to remove my chipped polish, because I still can't find my remover. Seriously.

  9. This is the cutest thing EVER! I am SO in love with this mani (I might have to copy it!! Credit given, of course)! With the goopy polish: a tip: nail polish thinner. NOT nail polish remover but thinner. It runs about $2-5$ a bottle and SO WORTH EVERY PENNY! It's saved a few of my hard to work with polishes lately.


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