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When I realized that I had not one, but TWO yacht-y colours, how could I not do a mani with them? Ha! Also, the pun possibilities were pretty much endless, which totally sealed the deal. There's yacht enough room in this post for all of them. Haha!!

Two coats of Finger Paints You Yacht To Know Better on thumb, pointer, and pinky. Two coats of China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle on middle and ring finger. Then, a glitter fade with one 3/4 coat of Julep's Portia, followed by a half coat of Finger Paints Peacock Portrait.

What are you rocking this week? Link up and show them off!

And I hope you have an awesome weekend!


  1. Your yacht puns were KILLING me. That may be partially due to the fact that I've yet to have my first cup of coffee, but seriously. The husband walked by my office and was like "what's so funny." When I read them out loud, he only merely chuckled. Where's the coffee?

    As for that manicure? It's making me CRAVE SUMMER! Or at the very least, spring!!! Beautiful! And fingerpaints Peacock Portrait is one of my favorite glitters!!

  2. Oh gosh. I really need coffee. The two "labels" on the pic aren't you being pun-y. They're the names of the polishes. ::groans::

  3. That shore is a gorgeous mani! :D

  4. lol I wonder how many polishes I have that have similar names. They look good together!

  5. I love all these colors together. I really am loving glitter fade (based on this weeks mani of my own. HA!) and I think you did an EXCELLENT job on this. If you could just move to Seattle and do my nails every week that would be great. kthanxbye! :-)

  6. Love the nails, love the puns!That too Yacht to Handle is very pretty esp with your glitter gradient. It's been a while since I've visited, so many blogs to read and then to keep up with my own! I still have a draft of an ancient nail post from Sept that I never finished LOL! Oh, I plan on finishing it! ;-)

  7. Oooooh la la!!! SO NAUTICAL. I really love the look of the glitter coming up from your cuticles on the turquoise nails.

    aka Bailey

  8. Love those colors!!! I don't have any dark blues like that so that's a good excuse to buy more! haha

  9. Hello!

    Another week of absolutely cute nails. I love the color & designs too. Thanks for hosting the link up!

    Lillies & Silk

  10. So cute... loving the blues!



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