the nail files: girls just wanna have fun (tips)

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It was brought to my attention last week by a fellow nail enthusiast that my negative space mani was kind of 80s-esque. And, well, as soon as I finished the mani for this week, I realized that it, too, is kind of 80s-esque. So…uh…what the heck is going on with me? Someone get me to a theme party, stat! Haha! Anyhoo, this mani ended up, like, way cool. So I'm psyched to share it!

Polish used:

Zoomed in:

For the base, I did three coats of Oxygen. Yes, three coats. It's just one of those polishes. Le sigh. After a coat of quick dry polish (I'm currently obsessed with Glisten and Glow's H K Girl) because, you know, I needed to do three coats of Oxygen, I used curved French manicure stickers for the tips. Then, I did two coats of Margritte's Masterpiece and Warhol Wannabe. When that was about dry, I peeled off the stickers and finished with another coat of top coat.

Zoomed out:

Yay for fun tips!! Fun tips are the best! ESPECIALLY when the working day is done. Or, in this case, the working week. YAY FOR FRIDAY!!

 I think that Cyndi would totally approve, don't you? Haha!

Hope everyone has a tubular weekend!