the nail files: turning a negative into a positive

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I've started following some nail gurus on Instagram and, a little while ago, @misspopnails was at a fashion show, where she'd given the models super cool manis, using a triangle of negative space. 

At first, I was like, Why on earth would she do that? It's so strange. But the longer I looked at the pictures, the more I was intrigued by the concept. So, here's my rip-off @misspopnails-inspired runway mani!

Polish used:

Zoomed in shot:

How it went down:

I started with two coats of Payton on the solid fingers. Then, with two pieces of striping tape, I made a triangle in the middle of my middle and ring finger nail. One side of the tape got two coats of Payton and the other side got two coats of after school boy blazer. I peeled off the tape, let it dry for about 15 minutes, and then did a coat of top coat, going diagonally, along the colour line to minimize bleeding (which still happened, but it was mostly the striping tape's fault *shakes fist*).

Zoomed out shot:
Special shout-out to my pal AllieBee for leaving her rings at my house and, therefore, making it possible for them to be in this picture. Haha!

So now that I've given the whole negative space thing a go, I can say, quite confidentially, that I looooooooooooooooooooove it! It's such a cool look! Like stained glass! On your fingers! Haha!

Hope you all have an awesomely fun weekend! And don't forget to link up and make the rounds to see what other nail polish enthusiasts are rocking this week!


Joey said...

The first few times I ever saw this trend I thought the SAME thing "why would you do that!" But the more I see it, the more I actually really love it! And yours looks SO FREAKING COOL! Awesome, friend!!

Myra said...

Cool nails, girlfriend! I haven't given this a shot yet, but maybe one day I'll be daring enough <3

daydreaming beauty said...

I love this look! I was in the same boat as you, weird at first, but it's grown on me!! I love that Julep green. Its like, MnM green! <3

aka Bailey said...

Very cool look! I love the colors you chose for this. This kind of reminds me of that time I tried to do a chevron stripe, but the nail sticker removed the polish beneath it and left me with a bare chevron stripe in the middle. It was an accident at the time, but apparently there is a place for those kinds of "accidents" in the polish world!

Hope you have a great weekend Jennie!!


Crystal said...

Oooooooo super cute!!!

Beth W said...

As soon as you said stained glass, it all clicked. AHA! Yes, very clever and interesting. It looks rather 80's to me, because of the shape (remember all the geometric shapes of 80's fashion?) but the natural nail gives that light-through-glass impression perfectly.

And also, your cuticles. How do you do that?! They're so even and perfectly cleaned. I has a jealous.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I love trying out new nail trends, Going to have to give this a shot on day

Lulubelle said...

I have a sweater that would look great with that manicure! I may have to attempt a "nail art idiot's" version for myself :-)

Kimberlee VDW said...

Very cool look! I always love looking at the manicures from fashion week, always find inspiration :)

Kimberly G said...

That's really different. I'll have to check out her ig page.

Toria Mason said...

Rewarded you the Shine On Award!

Alisha Lampley said...

I LOVE this and this is something I can do and not eff up...woohoo!!! LOL So gonna try this after I figure out the combo (decisions...decisions)

lilliesandsilk said...

Cute nails! I love the colors too! I think that such a great idea, I'm gonna to try it also ;)

Lillies & Silk

Heather said...

That's so fun!

I actually got talked into a Shellac mani last week. Which means, I actually have painted nails...what??

daniela said...

I saw this come up on my Pinterest feed and thought it was amazeballs!!! I think I'll save it for summer :)

[You know that's my way of procrastinating so you don't ask me about it next week, right? hee hee]