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Hello, hello!! Happy Hump Day, everyone! 

Only two days until Friday. TWO DAYS! We can make it. I KNOW WE CAN.

And speaking of Friday, last Friday, I posted my review of Tragic Tales of Strange Girls, Volume One, and today, I've got a little author interview to share with you! YAY FOR AUTHOR INTERVIEWS. You're gonna love it, guys. I swear. Suzy G is awesome sauce!

Picture from Suzy G's website
Raise your hand if you're shocked that this gal wrote some über creepy short stories. 
*looks around*
 *finds no raised hands* 
Yeah...that's what I thought. Ha!

Okay, time for the interview to begin!

*bangs gong*

1. Short stories are a very specific beast. And by that, I mean they’re mega hard to write. Or, at least, they’re mega hard for me to write because you need to do a WHOLE LOT in a very small space, so I’m curious as to how you got into writing short stories. Have you always written them? If not, what led you down the short story path?

I grew up reading short stories by Stephen King and Ray Bradbury. I love short stories. You get in, you get punched in the feelers, you get out. There’s no room for a whole lot of filler. The short story is a natural feeling length for me. Everything in the story--the voice, the conflict, the prose--is concentrated and heightened. I love trying to make it all fit. There is a special beauty in brevity.

2. I’ve described Tragic Tales as “creep-tastic,” because the stories are creepily fantastic (and hybrid words are awesome). On social media, I’ve never gotten the impression that you’re a creepy kind of gal. I mean, you’ve got partially pink hair! Where does all your creepy inspiration come from?

When I was young I adored spending time with my uncle and aunt at their house in the woods. My uncle, in particular, loved scary movies. We watched them all the time. My uncle and aunt also had these EPIC Halloween parties every year, complete with spook houses and haunted hay rides. I learned pretty early on that there was this kind of fun thrill associated with being scared. (I’m too lazy to get an adrenaline rush any other way.)

Some people mistakenly think that because I write scary things, I must be rock-solid and scared by nothing. On the contrary: SO MANY THINGS SCARE ME. There is a power in taking scary things and dissecting them, examining them. I also find it fascinating to read about and write about how people react in the face of fear. Fight, flight, shut down, accept--there are all kinds of responses and degrees of those responses. (Spoiler: I react awfully to fear and pressure. You do not want me on your apocalypse team.)

3. I’ll admit that I’m a scardy-cat and there were two stories, in particular, that gave me the prolonged heebie-jeebies. Did writing any of the stories keep you up at night?

No. My mind is a tangled ball of anxiety all the time. My imagination is always constructing some sort of terrible scenario that will probably happen AT ANY MOMENT. By the time I really think about things and get them down on paper in story form, that scenario is no longer scary to me.

4. Although there is a very consistent theme in Tragic Tales (the theme being tragedy), did you always have that specific theme in mind? And what made you choose these particular stories for Volume One?

It wasn’t intentional, but at some point I realized that I’d amassed quite a few stories with a couple things in common: they were written from a young girl’s POV and they ended rather unhappily. Again, that seems to be a natural feeling thing for me when I sit down to write. I know what it is to be a young girl in seemingly hopeless situations, feeling pretty powerless. Sometimes writing can exorcise all kinds of demons. Horror, for me, is pretty cathartic.

5. Quick! Zombies are attacking your house! You only have five minutes to grab what you can. What do you take?

Aside from people? Because I’d take my family. We each have “Go Bags”-- backpacks with 72hours worth of food, water, and survival stuff. My zombie weapons of choice would be a claw hammer and good old-fashioned denial. Also, I’m one of those sentimental people who would grab pictures. And not just the digital ones on my phone. I’m pretty sure there will eventually be an EMP that will knock out all things electrical-- then people will wish they had actual paper photographs! …

Wow. What was I saying about always imagining worst case scenarios?


See, guys? I told you that Suzy G was awesome! And I guess she's not as creepy in real life as you may have thought, based on my review. Phew! *wipes brow* Haha! And the fact that Suzy's zombie weapons of choice would be "a claw hammer and good old-fashioned denial," makes me love her even more. 

So go buy her collection of short stories RIGHT NOW! Look, I'll even make it easy for you. Just click on the cover to get linked to Amazon!

And if you want to have more Suzy G in you life (because, you know, why wouldn't you?) here's list of where you can stalk hang with her.

Thanks so much to Suzy G for stopping by! :)

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