the nail files: SURPRISE! i love the new china glaze collection! (wait, you're probably not that surprised, ha!)

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Here's the scoop: it's no secret that I'm a hard-core glitter-addict. Like, to the point that if I could walk around wearing a disco ball as a dress, I probably would. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Haha! Anyway, so when I saw China Glaze's Surprise Collection, I dropped my mug of tea on the floor and raced to the car swung by Sally's to see if they were as incredibly awesome as the pictures suggested. And you know what? They were even BETTER!

the best gif ever

The one I'm showcasing today is Don't Be a Flake.

I also picked up Gilded Chrome, which was a new release from Finger Paints but although it's a super fun, full-coverage glitter, it kind of got overshadowed by the Surprise collection. Err…sorry, Finger Paints? Haha!

(Side Note: Dear Finger Paints, Please don't be mad about this post. I promise that, sometime in the near future, I'll do a post solely about you. Still friends then? Okay, good.)

Outside, no flash.

I started with two coats of Oxygen and when that was dry, added a 1/3 coat of Gilded Chrome. Then, with a small-ish flat brush, I put on two coats of Don't Be A Flake, moving the bits around until they were in the right place.

Inside, no flash.

So let's talk about why I'm obsessed with China Glaze's Don't Be a Flake.

1. The name is hilarious.

2. The three colours of hex bits have contrast and sparkle. I mean, there's a Tiffany-esque blue WITH a glossy black AND a pink holo. All at once. It's madness! UTTER, GORGEOUS MADNESS!

3. The overall look is peppy and fun and oh-so-different than anything else I have and I just loveitsomuchthatit'shardtofunction.

Do you have any of the China Glaze Surprise Collection? If so, which one are you obsessed with is your favourite?

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  1. What a great glitter! I like that you used the nude color underneath of all the fun colors of glitter, very nice!

  2. The amount of patience you have baffles me. Seriously. This mani is perfect! I love the Don't Be A Flake for pretty much all the same reasons you do-although I have to say I don't know that I'd have to patience to work with it :)

  3. Gorgeous glitter, such a unique color combo. I love what you did with it - the contrast with a neutral really makes it pop!

  4. You have the best glitter polishes of all time - I'd love to see a picture of your full glitter collection!

  5. Your nails are doing some partying there. Fun look.

  6. You know, I'm coming around to big flakey glitter. At first I was thinking it'd make me feel like a 9 year old, wearing her mom's nail polish (as if my mom ever wore nail polish! ha!). But that one there just looks like my graduation party, and prom, and all kinds of happy-to-be-here.

    Side note: Will you please do a post on how to clean nail art brushes? Mine are so gunked up I can't use them anymore. :(
    I tried using nail polish remover, but I'm clearly doing something wrong.

  7. oh. em. gee. seriously. GORGEOUS! Those are sooooooooo pretty!!

  8. Also, loved that you did a nude base and added the glitter to not even half of the nail- it looks really good!

  9. This is so cool looking! Great job! Have you tried taking it off yet. That's the worst part about glitter for me.


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