the nail files: curves n dots

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Let the recent nail art extravaganza continue! 

*bangs gong*

This week, I tried a new technique with a current obsession. You know, cause I literally am obsessed. Haha! I've seen this technique before, on Pinterest, and I have to say that I wish I'd tried it before!

Why? Because it was pretty freaking easy, that's why! And isn't that the best? YES IT IS!

To start, I did two coats of the breathtaking Monaco. Holy moly, do I ever love that blue. 


Oh, sorry. I got distracted. Haha! Where was I? Right! The curve! 

Using the regular ole brush from the essie polish, shake your $$ maker, I made a line, starting from the bottom of the nail, all along to the other side, and then up. I touched up the middle of the curve just a bit and then, when it was dry, went overtop with Monster Mash, also using the bottle's brush. Then, a coat of quick dry top coat sealed it all together.

For the other two fingers, I did one coat of shake your $$ maker, followed by two coats of Monster Mash. When the base was dry, I used a medium-sized dotting tool, picked out some light blue hex bits from I'm a Go Glitter, and placed them in the centre. I should have waited until they were a bit dryer, though, because they sank into the polish and I lost some of the hard hex edges. *grumbles* Haha!

As you can see from the pictures, Monster Mash is hella sparkly, which is precisely why I love it so much! Haha! The blue breaks it up a bit, so although it may be a tad much for an office, it's sure a cool mani for a party! Like, I don't know, A Monster Mash? Bahaha! I kill me. *wipes tear*

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the nail files: keep two chevrons apart

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Well, it's been a long time but it looks like I've finally gotten my nail art mojo back!

lauren conrad

And now that I've ordered approximately one-third of all the world's rhinestones from eBay, you'll probably need sunglasses to read my nail posts after they arrive. Haha!

Anyhoo, for this week, I decided to try painter's tape instead of the ole striping tape. And you know what? It worked out pretty well! Just scroll down to see!

With the colours chosen, I got to work cutting out basic chevrons from a roll of painter's tape. Getting both sides of the "v" even was a bit of a nightmare, but once I got a decent pair of scissors instead of the stupid cheap Dollarama ones I started out using, the process got a lot better. Haha! When all of the chevrons were cut out, it was time to put them to use.

Outside, no flash (although the sun was hella bright).

I started with my feature fingers because I was scared it wouldn't work out and then I would have wasted time doing the other fingers. Haha, but seriously. It's always the worst when that happens. So, after pressing VERY FIRMLY, all along the edges of the tape, I used avenue maintain and 15 Minutes of Frame to paint above and below the tape. 

I let the first coat dry for about five minutes before applying the second coat, and after another five-ish minutes, peeled off the tape. Because there wasn't any polish underneath, I ran a small brush soaked with remover along the lines, just to get rid of the little bits of polish that bled. When they looked pretty clean, I gave them a good coat of quick-dry topcoat because I was scared of messing them up while painting my other nails. Haha!

Outside, no flash (and the sun was behind a cloud).

For my other fingers, I did two coats of Oxygen and, when it was dry, applied medium-sized dots with a dotting tool, avenue maintain, and 15 Minutes of Frame. But, as I'm sure you can guess, the mani wasn't complete without a little sparkle, so I continued my current obsession of picking out hex glitter from Techno and placed one in the centre of each dot, and in the middle of each feature finger.

Although I'm biased because this is my own mani, I think that the combo of negative space, simple chevrons, and dots is pretty freaking cool! Haha! I love that the hex glitter from Techno only catches light at certain angles, because when it does, the sparkle is really intense. And I really love the negative space detail, which I've wanted to try again since attempting it, the first time. Woot woot!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! And don't forget to link up and show off your pretties!


the nail files: inadvertent herbie tribute

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 Lately, I've been inspired by Chelsea King's amazing IG posts, so I figured it was about time for some actual nail art. I haven't done stripes in a while, so that's what I decided to do. But not just any stripes-- racing stripes!

YES! I thought to myself. YES! THAT'S IT!

So I picked out the super fun Flip Flop Fantasy and paired it with Margritte's Masterpiece, doing one stripe of each on top of two coats of Paper Mache.

Then, because there weren't any sparkles, I did my new favourite thing of putting a piece of hex glitter in the middle of a polish dot. In this case, that's Sparkle and Snowflake, and the hex glitter came from Techno.

Outside, no flash.

Yes, the freehand lines aren't perfect, especially the Shaky McShakerson on my pointer finger, but MAN, did it take way less time than using striping tape. Hopefully, with a little practice, my lines will smooth out because striping tape can be a total bey-otch.

Inside, no flash.

And it was only after I finished that I realized something looked familiar.

I thought about it…

and thought about it… 

and thought about it some more.

And then, it hit me!


Now, my stripes are pink and blue instead of red and blue, but you've gotta admit that they sure do look similar! And I even did dots, which could be interpreted as wheels! Granted, I only did three and Herbie has four, but seriously, for an inadvertent tribute, it's pretty good. Haha!

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And have you participated in the 2014 Swatch Naming Championship? No? Well what are you waiting for? Click here and see how good you are at picking the right colour name!


my critique partner got a book deal!!

It's hard to be a writer seeking publication. The road is long, the rejections quickly fill up one's inbox, and there's never a guarantee that it's going to happen. So that's why it's EXTRA MEGA AWESOME when it actually does!! No, I'm not talking about me, but it's almost as good because I'm talking about my Critique Partner, Scott!


*points while jumping up and down*

This screenshot is from Publisher's Marketplace--a website that announces deals, so now it's officially official!!

100 animated GIF

Scott and I started working together several years ago, when we were just two wannabes who didn't really know what they were doing, and it's beyond exciting that, very soon, I'm going to be able to hold his book in my grabby little hands (and probably throw it at random passer-by's, depending on how many copies I can get a hold of). 


Scott's book is really going to be real, guys! 


With pages and cover art and EVERYTHING!!!!

reaction gif animated GIF
I'm so proud of Scott that I can hardly function and it's incredibly cool to be on the sidelines, watching it all happen. So get ready to hear ALL about THE LEMONCHOLY LIFE OF ANNIE ASTER, cause I'll be screaming about it until the Spring of 2015 (and probably afterwards as well, but we'll see, haha!). 

And if you're on Twitter, go say congrats! I know that he'll appreciate it!

In the meantime, I'll just be running around in circles because I'm too excited to sit still!! Haha!


the nail files: nail polish quiz!

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I've got a little something different for you this week. Something FUN and AWESOME and FUN! Wait, that was two funs, but because this is MEGA FUN, the two funs shall stand. Haha!

If you're a fellow nail polish enthusiast, then you probably already play the game I Bet That I Know The Name Of That Random Lady's Polish in your head, but now you get to play it in real life!

But Jennie! You're probably thinking, How is that possible? 

Well, my lovelies, Nail Polish Canada has done the awesomest thing ever and put together a nail polish quiz called the 2014 Swatch Naming Championship! 

I bet you're starting to understand the whole two funs now, eh?

The quiz has 16 swatches and each one has two options for its name. Pick the name you think it is and, at the end, you'll get your score and a badge with your ranking!

A badge just like this!

This one's mine! At least it's not bronze, right? Or the ever-dreaded Participant badge? (Note: I'm pretty sure that NPC wouldn't do that to you. They're nice. You know, cause they're Canadian. Ha!)

Now, be advised that this quiz is serious biz guys. I mean, I consider myself to be quite the nail polish officiando and I only got 10 out of 16, which earned me a silver badge, and a ranking of 119. All of the rankings are saved, with the top 10 displayed, which means that you could be famous, guys. FAMOUS!

Okay, maybe not that famous but still, your name will be on the Nail Polish Canada website, and that's pretty cool.

So do it! DO IT RIGHT NOW! A two minute break is all you need to get a-quizzin'! You only have 10 seconds for each swatch, though, so make sure you can concentrate for the whole time. Your score depends on it!

And you may even see a familiar hand in there…*grins*

Nail Polish Canada Swatch Challenge

So how'd you do? Did you get enough points for a gold badge? Let me know so I can be jealous! Haha!

And don't forget to link up afterwards! Happy weekend, everyone!


the sunshine award!

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I've been very fortunate to get a couple of awards lately (thanks Toria!) but have been too lazy to write the random facts. Okay, so it was more than simple laziness because I've been blogging for a while and it's hard to think of new and exciting random facts. But then Bailey was cute enough to give me The Sunshine Award, so I figured it was time to get my butt in gear as it's SUPER NICE that other bloggers are giving me some props.

So here's the scoop: I'm going to share 11 random facts about myself, answer Bailey's 11 questions, and then pose 11 questions for other bloggers to answer.

Yes, it's labour intensive, but I hope it'll also be a fun read.

Okay, here we go!

1. I love salsa with my quesadillas and nachos but prefer the salsa juice over the actual chunky pieces that make up salsa. Onion chunks? Bleck. In fact, I should probably try pureeing salsa so it’s more like a soup, and therefore chunk-less.

2. Interestingly enough with my above suggestion, though, I don’t like soup. It’s a pretend meal, as far as I’m concerned. Plus, you can feel it swishing all around in your stomach afterwards and it’s weird.

3. Speaking of meals, whenever it’s time for our dogs to eat, I sing them a song. It’s pretty much the same song, slightly changed for each part of the day. The lyrics go like this: “It’s your FIRST favourite part of the day! It’s brekkie time! Hip Hip Horray!”; “It’s your SECOND favourite part of the day! It’s denta-treat time! Hip Hip Horray!”; and finally, “It’s your THIRD favourite part of the day. It’s supper time! Hip Hip Horray!” The funniest part is that I don’t get past the first “It’s” before they start to freak out.

4. I really just want to wear fascinators every minute of every day. Big ones. Ones with jewels and feathers and big shooty-offy spirals. *sighs* Yeah. That’s the stuff right there. Ha!

5. I’m moderately addicted to flossing. With the tape-floss variety, that is, not the original string design, which isn’t even almost the same. In the course of a day, I probably floss three to four times.

6. I positively loathe when people come to our house with no notice. It’s just plain rude and since we live in the time of cell phones, there’s really no excuse. Each morning, I have to budget my energy for the day, so if you stop by uninvited and unannounced, prepare to see a human version of this face:

You’ve been warned.

7. One of my favourite summer drinks is the Iced Lemonade from Timmies but I usually drink it too quickly and then get the most wicked, full-body-brain-freeze. But even though I know this, it still happens. All. The. Time. It’s just so delicious that I can’t control myself!

8. I sometimes daydream about buying a food truck and calling it: Wow That Bitch Can Bake! I’d sell various types of banana bread, brownies, and the ever-popular mini-cupcakes. And on special occasions, I’d make sugar cookies with royal icing in funny shapes. You know, like t-shirts or cigars.  

9. I am addicted to watching The Undateables. I’m ridiculously over-the-moon when there’s a love connection and equally as devastated when things don’t work out. Everyone needs to love and be loved and The Undateables does an excellent job of trying to make that happen. And I just sit on my couch, taking it all in with a wad of Kleenex and a healthy glass of wine.

10. Combing through my last VISA bill, I noticed that I’ve bought a lot of books recently. Like, A LOT of books. Arguably, ALL the books. But if that’s the case then why do I want more? MOOOOOOOOORE. #seriousbibliophile

11. Sometimes, I cheat with my Plant Nanny ap. #sorrynotsorry

Now onto Bailey’s questions:

Ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato?
Well, if I’m at home, ice cream. If I’m out, gelato. But only fruit-flavoured gelato. For whatever reason, those are the best. Especially lemon. No! Raspberry! WAIT! BANANA! Okay, throw all three in there and we’ll call it a day. Ha!

What’s your favourite Disney movie, animated or otherwise? 
Enchanted. LOVE Amy Adams in that movie. And the songs. Maybe I’ve even sung them while twirling in wide circles, arms stretched out, pretending my living room furniture is an audience…but since you can’t prove it, I’ll just smile coyly and shrug my shoulders.

Do you cheer for a sports team, and if so, how did you pick that team?
Nope. Not into sports. Playing sports, yes (when I can), but watching them? Nope.

What’s your favourite album?
Like, right now? In that case, the EP With Love by Oh Honey. The song "I Love You Will Still Sound The Same" won’t stop sucking all tears from my eyes in the very best of ways. And "Be Okay," will probably be my summer anthem. 
And for a throw back album? Probably Room for Squares by John Mayer. I can ALWAYS listen to that baby.

Are you good or bad at keeping plants alive?
I SWEAR that I didn’t know this was a question when I confessed my Plant Nanny cheating. Hahah! Oh man, I’m actually laughing. So the answer to that is pretty obvious. I have to cheat to keep a virtual plant alive so no, we don’t have any plants…aside from the enormous fake palm tree, which, as it is fake, speaks for itself. 

If you had one, when did you get rid of your Christmas tree this past holiday season?
First – this question is amazing.
Second—we didn’t have one this year! *sobs* We’d just moved on December 5th, so we didn’t bother. This year, though, WATCH OUT! We’ve got stupid-high ceilings in our new living room and that calls for a Times Square level of tree-ness. The Remix will be thrilled to figure out how to strap that one onto the car (probably not).

What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?
Drafting my next book! The goal is to have it all down in 12 weeks. We’ll see. Ha!

Who’s your daddy?
Robert Shaw. (Side note: This phrase really needs to leave our vocab. Sorry Bailey, but it’s just icky.)

What is the most played song in your iTunes account right now?
"Fortune Days" by The Glitch Mob (78). It’s badass and epic and it pumps me right up.

What was your favourite Halloween costume that you’ve ever worn? 
How to choose?! I’ve loved so many! I’ll give you my top two: Big Bird and a Glow Worm. 

There's some BIG plans in the works for this year, which may end up resulting in the most awesome costume of life. Don't worry, you'll see a pic in October. (And to answer the question you're probably thinking: Yes. I make all my costumes myself.)

Where is your idea vacation, whether you’ve been there before or not?
Fiji. Oh how I LONG to go to Fiji. The clear water so I can see fishes and therefore avoid them because they’re terrifying, the white sand that’s soft instead of grainy and scratchy, and the huts on the water that are rustic-ish yet still luxurious because you can order room service (or hut service, to be more precise). That’s the life right there!


So, after combing through my Bloglovin' list, I've realized that the majority of the bloggers I know have already received this award (or others with the same concept), which is awesome because they're all wonderful and therefore, deserve it. BUT if you're a regular reader here and are also a blogger, that probably means that you're just as awesome, so even if you've already won it (or something like it) grab the award and get to work! Haha! But seriously, sometimes bloggers get into a slump and having questions to answer can make for a good post. And, obviously, my questions are amazing. Haha!

My 11 questions:
  1. Hot lips or Swedish Berries?
  2. How often do you make your bed? Like, with perfect pillow placement and everything, not just smoothing down the blanket.
  3. Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? Paula Cole still wants to know. (Bonus points if this song is now stuck in your head. Ha!)
  4. Why are baby red squirrels the cutest things ever while adult red squirrels are the bane of my existence because they bo-guard all of the bird seed?
  5. When was the last time you did something dangerous*? (* You may define dangerous however you may like. If you find swimming dangerous, then talk about that.)
  6. Pretty much everyone knows random facts about the world. What’s one that you like to share?
  7. If Cindy's leaving the train station at seven and Chris is leaving at six-thirty, what’s your most favourite nail polish colour? (Side note: Hahaha! Did you think I’d really give you math?)
  8. When was the last time you high-fived someone? What was it for?
  9. Most people have a word they may overuse. Like, for instance, “awesome,” in my case. What’s yours?
  10. What’s the most recent book that you stopped reading? What made you put it down?
  11. On a scale of one to ten, how hard is it for you to come up with 11 random facts about yourself and then come up with 11 random questions for others without any repeats? Haha!

Let me know if you claim the award and answer my questions! I'd love to read your answers! 

And thanks so much again to Bailey! Love your face, girl!