the nail files: everyone's dotting it (okay maybe just me)

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So my obsession of putting hex glitter in dots continues, only this time, I upped my dot game. Haha!

For the non-feature fingers, I did two coats of I Sea The Point, which reminds me a lot of a lighter Finger Paints' Margritte's Masterpiece. The coverage was amazing and smooth, so if you have a chance to pick up a bottle before it's gone, I highly recommend it!

The feature fingers were a little more complicated. Uh, obviously. Haha! To start, I did two coats of Blu. Then, I added the dots with a large-sized dotting tool and Paper Mache. Doing so many rows of dots can be a bit of a challenge, but I find it easiest to start with a dot in the direct centre of my nail and then go up and down. That way, everything lines up. In theory, anyway. Haha! Once the dots were dry, I picked up one hex bit of all three colours in Don't Be a Flake and put them on the middle three dots. 

I'm pretty sure that I'll be into this style for a while to come, and it's been fun coming up with different ways to use the same technique. HEX GLITTER AND DOTS FOR EVERYONE! Haha!

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  1. I still have to try doing dotting on my nails.

  2. Your nails always look so cute! I'm wearing two new Zoya polishes, and they totally bubbled on my nails. It's my first time trying Zoya, so I'm hoping I just did something wrong that I can fix next time.

  3. HOMEGIRL! This is amazing! Your feature fingers are just so on point (impressed with your dotting, for realsie)! <3 <3 Have a happy weekend, friend!

  4. Holy wowza, those are some perfectly aligned dots!! And I'm loving your hex-in-dots phase :)

  5. I really need a new white polish. I like this 1. I still need to get a dotting tool too. I haven't been able to find 1. I just do them freehand & they never come out perfect.

  6. Sheesh, when you raise the bar you take it into the stratosphere! I love this for so many reasons, but it's also so clean and professional. I just wanna make a sundress out of that! (hrm, maybe I've been doing too much window shopping at Modcloth).
    Thanks for, as always, inspiring!

  7. I SAW THIS MANI IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel blessed.


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