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YAY! It's nail files day, which means that it's also Friday! 

Who else needs a cocktail after this week? 

Haha! I will always heart New York.

Anyway, this week, I was inspired by this pic.

Here's what I used:

And the mani!

Confession time: I did the flower on my middle finger first and it was too big to have opposing flowers. Whoops! I think it turned out well though.

I used two coats of Paper Mache as a base, on all fingers. For my ring finger, I followed it up with one coat of Gilded Chrome. And yes, I really do mean one coat. That glitter covers, y'all (shout out to Heather, who's gotten me saying this in real life despite being Canadian--haha!). 

The flowers were a bit trickier, because I wanted to have a bit of a fade. With a small, tapered nail art brush, I did the lighter colour first (At Vase Value  and Tart-y For The Party), starting at the corner of my nail and then going towards the other side. When all four petals were done, I went over the outer petals with the darker colour (Turned Up Turquoise and Queen B). For a little bit of sparkle, because sparkles make everything better, I used a thin liner nail art brush and Gilded Chrome. Then, I VERY CAREFULLY used Black Stripe Rite to do the border. Warning, if you're at all hungover, this isn't the mani for you to do cause you'll be too shaky. Haha! An orange jewel finished it all off and added a little more sparkle because I simply can't help myself. 

I freaking love the pants off this mani, guys and gals. The colours are so pretty and the white background makes it really pop. Plus, having Gilded Chrome all over my ring finger is pretty much the funnest ever. 

What are you rocking this week? Link up and show off. And have an awesome weekend!


  1. Jennnnnnnie you are such an ar-teeeeste. Seriously, your patience and talent are so g.d. impressive. I suppose you've gotten endless compliments on your nails since doing this? ;)

  2. Your nail look awesome. Have a great weekend.

  3. Yay- it's like a bit of Spring as we gallop into Fall. The gradient is very subtle...I can't believe you were able to pull off that kind of finite-control details. Seriously *slow claps*
    Also, yes, booze please, and this week to be over already! Ugh.

  4. I want to frame this. There is so much gorgeousness going on in this that I can't even stand it! You are so freaking talented friend!!!

  5. Looking lovely, per usual! White nails are so crisp looking :-)

  6. Love it!!! You are inspiring me to practice more nail art!!


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