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This week, inspiration came from Miss Pop Nails' Instagram account.

Here's what I did!

For the base coat, I used two coats of Paper Mache. When that was dry (read: the next morning), I used semi-circle and simple chevron stickers to map out where Celtic Sun, Shocking Pink, and At Vase Value would go. Then, with a small, flat nail art brush, I applied all of the colours--two quick coats--and then peeled off the stickers.

 As usual, there was bleeding (*shakes fist*), but I managed to clean most of it up with a narrow nail art brush and some acetone. I sealed it all with a coat of quick dry top coat (HK Girl's Glisten and Glow for those who are interested, haha!).

It was still missing something, though, so I added two studs to the fingers with Shocking Pink.

I love how, when I'm inside, Celtic Sun is all: Hey, I'm neon yellow! But the second I step outside, it's all: HEY! I'M NEON YELLOW! LOOKATMELOOKATMELOOKATME! Haha! I love all the different shapes going on in this mani and the yellow really does make it all pop.

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  1. I so wish we live closer. That way you could paint my nails. I have NYC taxi yellow on my nails. That is cheeping.

  2. Yes yes yes! You have been knocking it out of the park lately! I am LOVING all the details you've had going on (also, my husband might not let me hang out with you anymore--because now I really, REALLY want to go to Sally's and buy ALL THE NAIL ART SUPPLIES!) Who am I kidding? He'd be all "that's great, sweetie. Glad you found a hobby." Kidding, sort of. Would you believe I don't have a single neon in my collection? I've been tempted by Flipflop Fantasy, but every time I see it in person it's way more orange that I'd expect. Maybe shocking pink is the way I should go!

  3. Gorgeous! I may have to replicate this :)

  4. JENNNNNNIE! I love these nails!!!!! Such great color combos and your lines/moons came out awesome. Love Love Love Love!

  5. I've really been wanting Paper mache. Still haven't gotten it yet. Those colors are great together.

  6. Okay, so if it takes all night to dry completely...how do you keep it from smudging or going bumpy with the imprint of sheets or anything? I think one of my constant issues is not waiting for nails to dry before doing the next thing, and messing them up...I need your secrets! :)


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