shaw-ties in the sky (aka CN Tower EdgeWalk)

Last Friday, my Baby Brother and I decided it would be a super fun idea to strap ourselves to a rope and walk around the outside of a super tall building in downtown Toronto. Interestingly enough, we aren't the only people who've been struck with this magnificent idea because The CN Tower offers a little activity called EdgeWalk, which is located at a fairly ridiculous height of 356 meters (1,168 feet), and therefore saved us from improvising with our own cables and pulleys on top of the BMO Building. You're welcome, Whichever Emergency Services Unit Would Have Had To Come And Save Us. Ha!

I'm just kidding with the intro. We had a gift certificate from BB's birthday last year, but that's not much of an opener so I took some liberties. Writers are allowed to do that, you know. It's, like, a rule. Haha!

The general description of EdgeWalk, from their website, reads:

EdgeWalk is CN Tower’s most thrilling attraction in its history, and the first of its kind in North America. It is the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk on a 5 ft (1.5 m) wide ledge encircling the top of the Tower’s main pod, 356m/1168ft (116 storeys) above the ground. Visitors walk in groups of six, while attached to an overhead safety rail via a trolley and harness system. Trained EdgeWalk guides will encourage participants to push their personal limits, allowing them to lean back over Toronto with nothing but air and breathtaking views of Lake Ontario beneath them.

Sounds terrifying awesome, right?

It really was! On both accounts. Ha!

Not surprisingly, it was quite the process to get up to the platform, which is the same width of an average Toronto sidewalk. Shout-out to our guide, J-Dog, for all the random facts!

Note: His name wasn't actually J-Dog but I like to keep it real-name-light on my blog. You know, because of stalkers. Ha! Plus, because we've shared a seriously cool and unique experience, his actual name feels too formal for the bond we now share. Not that he'd ever remember me or BB because he saw about a bazillion people this summer but the nickname will still stand. 

The prepping included a breathalyzer, drug residue swab, removal of all jewelry (this took me ages as I don't do accessory-light), metal detector wand-age, getting fitted for super fashionable* orangey-red jumpsuits (*read: terribly unflattering), full-body harnesses, long hair restraint (via a standard issue elastic because I didn't have one of my own), a shoe-check, and, of course, lots of safety instructions that included no spitting (gross). After that, we were ready to go!

There's a small chance I was more excited than BB. Ha!

Although it could be argued that nobody was more excited than J-Dog...

He really was awesome.

We shot up the mega-fast elevator, making sure to take a gander through the glass sections, and then walked into a room that's probably quite similar to one an astronaut would find themselves, pre-launch, only with less oxygen paraphanialia. It was here that J-Dog gave us our final safety talk. The most important tips being that we could only hold onto the black rope and to never ever touch the seat-belt-like-strap behinds our heads, or any clips. To make us more comfortable, J-Dog told us to name our black safety ropes. 

Because I know you're wondering, my black rope's name was Muffin.

When everyone was clipped in, we walked outside and onto the platform. 

It was crazy face, guys.


The view was unlike anything I'd seen before. It was like being in a plane, but lower and less contained because there was nothing obstructing our view. The weather was fan-freaking-tastic, with zero clouds and virtually no wind, so you could see all the way to...well...I don't know exactly where you could see to, but it was pretty much forever. Give or take a few kms.

(Note: this is not a fact, which therefore has nothing to do with J-Dog. If this were J-Dog's post, he'd know that fact for sure. But, unfortunately for you, all you get is a long explanation on why I don't know something. Yay for being a reader? Pleasedon'tstop. Haha!)

The walk was divided into four sections, conveniently lining up with the four major directions: South, East, North, and West. In each section, we did a different activity.

For the South, it started with "Toes Over Toronto," where our group walked up to the edge, one at a time, and stuck their toes over the edge of the ledge. After that, we faced the Tower, sat down, and walked ourselves until our toes were the ONLY thing touching the ledge. It was...intense. To say the least.

Then, on the East side, we did the CRAZIEST thing and leaned forward. Like, over the edge. If the sitting down was intense, this could be described as Intense Fest 2.0: I May Have Made A Poor Life Decision Coming Up Here Because My Life's About To End.

But as terrifying as it was, it was even more exhilarating. Truly something that I'll never forget. Mind you, the whole thing feels like a dream because it was seriously hard for my brain to process that we were so freaking high up at the time, but I vividly remember the feeling. And it was AWESOME.

Different photo ops, practicing our new EdgeWalk leaning back skills, made up the North and West sections.

Apparently, the open-mouthed, faux yelling smile is genetic.

 No hands!

Straight Chillin'

After our twenty-minute escapade was over, we got back inside the space room, de-clipped, and headed down to chat about how incredible it was while waiting in the lobby for our pictures and video.

Video, you ask? Yes folks, it's true. The entire time we were up there, J-Dog was filming us, and we each got a DVD copy as well as two photos. Now, J-Dog took way more pictures while we were up there, so we sprung for the extra ones because why wouldn't we want all the memories? 

Well played for that extra cash, EdgeWalk. *tips fedora*

So if you're in Toronto and you're in the mood for some adventure, get yourself over to the CN Tower and live life on the edge. Literally. Haha! Ask for J-Dog (although nobody will know who you're talking about, ha)! Also, if anyone from the CN Tower/EdgeWalk management is reading this, as the internet has a way of doing that, I'd like to point out that J-Dog was an incredible guide: funny, knowledgeable, friendly, and he remembered all of our names, which is mind-blowing. You should probably give him a raise...once you check his picture with your staff list to confirm his real identity. 

And because my BB is mega talented in the film department, he edited our video so it's only of us (and J-Dog, because the camera's on his head). There's a bit of swearing (can you blame us?!?!) so you may not want to crank the volume if you're in a public/work space. But aside from that, it's a pretty funny 6:38. Mostly because I lose my mind for the first half. Haha!

(WHY won't blogger link it directly, like YouTube? *pouts*)

Note: I was no way compensated by the CN Tower/EdgeWalk to write this post. Nor was I bribed by J-Dog. This is my honest opinion about a fantastic experience, so please take it as only that.


the nail files: pink 'n green

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Thank goodness it's Friday, amirite?

And not just because it's nail files day, but also because this week was loooooooooooong, guys. Why have they all been so long lately? CURSE YOU, LONG-FEELING WEEKS!



I miss Alex.

Anyway, the inspiration for this week's mani came from this gorgeous little thing:

To die, right?

*sighs happily*

I may have gotten a little carried away with my tribute, though (shocker), but I really do love how it turned out.

The mani:

I started with two coats of Oxygen on my thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers. My middle finger got two coats of Payton, and my ringer finger got two coats of Gossip Over Gimlets.

For the gradient, I painted stripes of Oxygen, Highlight of My Summer, and Payton onto a makeup sponge, and then applied it to my thumb. I did four rounds of this before coming to the conclusion that it wasn't going to get any darker at the top. Ha! You could probably get away with three coats. 

For the sparkles, I started with a third-ish coat of set in stones and, when that was dry, picked out some of the holo circles from I Snow You Love Me, and placed them along the bottom quarter of each nail. When those babies had dried, I finished with a third-ish coat of Paris

So there you have it: why pink 'n green should always be seen (together...with glitter, ha!).

What have you been rocking this week? Link up and show off!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

(I'm actually going to my first Julep Maven Meetup at five, today, so I'm all set for awesomeness. Eeeee! I'm so excited to check it out and then report back on how it was!)


when nature attacks: heron and mink edition

When The Remix and I first moved to the countray, we knew that nature would be in our grill, but that knowledge didn't prepare me for the degree of nature-fest that awaited us. The biggest source of our nature extravaganza is our pond, which is about three times the size of an average swimming pool and takes up the majority of our front yard. In the nine months we've lived here, we've seen/heard coyotes, observed flocks of turkeys boguarding our bird feeders, discovered we have a pervy peeping pom, cleaned up dead mouse presents from barn cats, ooed-and-awed over baby ducks, and contained our tiny fur babies when they freaked out at horses walking down the road.

In the beginning, we were both so psyched about the pond because it meant that we could go floating in the summer and skating in the winter. But then I was informed that, lurking beneath the dark waters, were fifteen-or-so fish--comprised of four koi and a dozen-ish trout.

me watching kenya get dragged across the floor

Obviously, I wasn't much of a fan of the fish because (a) If they touched me while I was floating in my amazing lounger, I was pretty sure that I'd die. And by die I mean freak out to the point that I'd have a heart attack, which would eventually kill me because we live in the countray and ambulances take a while to get here, therefore giving the freak-out-heart-attack just enough time to finish me off. Not really, of course, but that's where my mind goes and the mind is a powerful thing. Ha! And (b) The fish needed the pond to be aerated throughout the winter, which meant that there'd be no skating à la Little Women. A more devastating disappointment than I expected it to be, although entirely justified because why wouldn't I want to live a Little Women experience, minus the near-drowning?

But, over the summer, the heat trumped my fear of fish-touching and eventually, I was even diving into the pond. Okay, so I didn't actually dive because although the fish would probably get out of my way, the exact moment I closed my eyes and went underwater, a shark would mysteriously appear and chomp me to bits. Hmm...this is seeming similar to a post I wrote about scaring the crap out of yourself when you're home alone. At least I'm consistent in my fears, right? Haha! But even though I didn't dive in, I did wade into a shallower section and swam in small circles, doing doggie paddle until I cooled off enough to stop sweating and then getting out as quickly as possible, so that marked some progress, although my fear of the fish mostly remained. 

*imagines fish touching leg*

*still shudders involuntarily*

But then, something very unexpected happened: One day, about a month ago, I looked outside to see a strange, tall, skinny, alien-looking thing, staring at me from across the pond.

How creepy looking is this! 
Hint: the answer is extremely.

I couldn't have had less of an idea what kind of bird looked like a long-necked, vaguely prehistoric chicken, but when it started walking, I finally realized what it was. A heron!

At first, I was all COOL! A GREAT BLUE HERON! I REMEMBER THAT FROM GRADE SEVEN SCIENCE CLASS (or maybe it was Grade Six? Five? Clearly, this is a vivid memory, ha!). But my surge of joy was quickly snuffed out when I remembered a pal telling me that a heron ate all the fish in her dad's pond, which is when I freaked the freak out.

In case you're wondering, no, it's not lost on me how for the entire summer, I wanted the fish gone but the SECOND that a predator wanted to eat them, I was suddenly all NOT MY FISH BABIES! Haha! I think my attachment has something to do with the fact that I named them. Or, I named the Koi anyway, because the trout are too similar looking for me to keep them straight. And because I'm positive that you're just DYING to know, the big white and orange one is Curtis, Frankie is orange and black and about half his size, and Cher is the diva who looks like a giant goldfish. (In the spring, the fourth Koi got sick and died before I could name him #sadface.)

Anyway, when I realized that the heron was most likely looking for dinner, I put down my camera and ran into the front yard, screaming and waving my hands like I was being attacked by a million bees. Of course, this was before I Googled to see if herons are aggressive but thankfully, they aren't and he just flew away. 

But it turns out that the heron was the least of our worries. About a week ago, I saw some rippling in the water, by the side of the pond. I didn't think much of it as that's where Cher likes to chill, but then I noticed the same kind of ripples in the same spot a few more times that afternoon. I brought out my camera with its telephoto lens but I still couldn't catch whatever it was.

The next day, The Remix saw the ripples too, but only caught a glimpse of what made them. 

"It has ears!" He cried, running back into the house. "Something's swimming in there! It's a mink!"

"A mink?" I asked, because what the frack would a mink be doing in our pond, but then The Remix reminded me that the people who lived here before us had peacocks and pheasants as pets (yes, I'm serious) and because of said random bird pets, minks used to sneak into the cages and help themselves to a raw-poulrty-ish buffet. Meaning that, in all likelihood, it was probably a mink.

Fridays at 4PM

Shockingly, The Remix and I have a combined Mink Knowledge Score of zero and, as with some general Google searches, there was inconsistent information, which gave us little choice but to branch out.

After chatting with my Subway gals, who have more experience with countray living than I do (what up, ladies!) my worst fears from Google were confirmed: Minks are total assholes. They will, quite literally, rip your face right off and since they're territorial, not only would they try and eat all our fish, but our dogs were also in grave danger of a mink attack. So yeah...there was no question we'd have to get rid of them. And by we, I meant somebody else.

I called animal control who, for reasons I still don't quite understand, aren't mandated to help with non-domestic animals, meaning that unless the mink turned into a rabid dog, they didn't have to do anything. When I tried to change my story from "wild mink" to "potentially rabid dog," the remarkably unhelpful receptionist didn't fall for it and then briskly wished me luck in either trapping it myself or hiring someone else, before hanging up on me. Gotta love government, right?

Still full of optimism, my next call was to a pest control operation. The man was very nice but when he gave me the estimated cost of catching and removing a mink, I was suddenly overwhelmed with confidence on how good of an idea it was to trap it ourselves. In fact, The Remix already had a trap that he bought for a mysterious creature that ate a hole through our garage door last winter (which we have now agreed was probably this stupid mink), so he put it near the area we saw the ripples and we hoped for the best.

Days went by without any action in the trap or ripples in the pond and by day six, we were convinced he'd moved onto fishier ponds. But, because this mink really is an asshole, just when we were set to retire the trap, he came back. Grrr.

Just to be on the safe side and confirm that we really did have a mink and not some otherwise harmless animal, I got my camera out to take some shots as he took a few laps around the north side of the pond. 

For being a potential puppy murderer, he's actually pretty cute. We've named him Voldemort. And from the pictures we found online, we're about 99% sure that V-mort is, in fact, a mink. Naturally, we were thrilled.

It was then that we took our mink-trapping attempt up another notch and bought a bigger, fancier trap that opens on both ends. More fevered Googling had revealed that mink are as sketchy as they are fish-i-cidle and they won't go near a trap if they think it's a trap, but they are super fans of tunnels. Hence, the double open-ness of the fancy trap. I also learned that you can't put in bait right away because they'll suspect something's amiss, so all the expert mink-trappers leave the trap open, with no bait, for at least a week in order to convince the mink that there's nothing scary about the trap. Then, after he's comfortable with it being there, he'll stroll right in once there's some food and--BAM--our mink problem will be solved.

So all of that takes me to right now because the trap's been out for a week and that means it's bait time. Woot! There are super gross things you can use but The Remix and I settled on the least gross--sardines--because the other options were fairly likely to attract other woodland creatures and we wanted to keep it as simple (and as gross-free) as possible.

Our plan, once we catch He Who Shall Not Be Named is to release him into the wild, because although we don't want him to kill our fish or dogs, we also don't want to kill him. 

Obviously, that will require another blog post because it's sure to be a ridiculous endeavour as neither one of us are even remotely equipped to facilitate such a thing. Will the cage fit into the back of my car? Where would we even take him? And how do we make sure that he doesn't freak out and try to eat our faces once we set him free? All valid questions that we'll have to consider, should we, in fact, trap Lord Voldy. Ha!

In the meantime, The Remix shoved a bunch of shovels into the dens he's made for himself all around the pond, so hopefully he'll get the point soon. And that point is this:

(#thingsineverthoughtidtype haha!)

But for now, we wait...


book review: the incarnate trilogy

I'm finally catching up on my book reviews! Yay! I've read some incredible titles over the last couple of months and I'm super psyched to share them with you, as well as the internet in general. Haha! 

This week, I'm reviewing the Incarnate trilogy, written by Jodi Meadows.

*bangs gong*

IncarnateAsunder (Incarnate)

Infinite (Incarnate)

Before I even get into my review, can we please talk about these covers? 



In the history of all covers, these three are absolutely some of the prettiest I've ever seen. I can't even pick which one I love the most because they're each so freaking gorgeous. But the craziest part is that the story is even better than the covers, guys and gals. And yes, I know that may be hard to believe but it's true.  

I read these books as quickly as I could manage, and it was a glorious week and a half. If I had to come up with a three word description for this series it would be: a quiet storm. The plot doesn't scream at you, it whispers, sending tingles down your spine. But that's not to say that you aren't on the edge of your seat, because I sure as heck was. To put it another way, you know how if someone's speaking quietly in a loud room, you have to lean towards them in order to hear what they're saying? That's what the Incarnate trilogy is like. The beauty of this trilogy--the element that sets it apart from other YA fantasies--stems from its thoughtful and understated tone and and I was hooked from the first page of INCARNATE, through ASUNDER, and was then forced to burn through the incredible INFINITE because I couldn't wait to see how it all turned out. Ugh, guys, these books are just so freaking good that I can't even handle it!! Haha!

*takes deep breath to combat surge of love in order to continue review*

Back to the plot. It's so freaking unique that it's difficult to explain and luckily, the back jacket for INCARNATE does a great job of summing it up, so I'm just going to defer to that:

New soul

Ana is new. For thousands of years in Range, a million souls have been reincarnated over and over, keeping their memories and experiences from previous lifetimes. When Ana was born, another soul vanished, and no one knows why.

No soul

Even Ana’s own mother thinks she’s a nosoul, an omen of worse things to come, and has kept her away from society. To escape her seclusion and learn whether she’ll be reincarnated, Ana travels to the city of Heart, but its citizens are afraid of what her presence means. When dragons and sylph attack the city, is Ana to blame?


Sam believes Ana’s new soul is good and worthwhile. When he stands up for her, their relationship blooms. But can he love someone who may live only once, and will Ana’s enemies—human and creature alike—let them be together? Ana needs to uncover the mistake that gave her someone else’s life, but will her quest threaten the peace of Heart and destroy the promise of reincarnation for all?

So freaking cool, right? I mean, how did Ms. Meadows even come up with that? I won't share the rest of the back jacket descriptions, because then this review would be hella long and would be a little spoiler-y, but if you're at all piqued by INCARNATE then you may as well just buy the whole series because I can pretty much guarantee that you'll read all three. Probably in as many days, if you can fake sick to get off work. Haha!

Ana is an incredibly deep, thoughtful girl who, just like other teenagers, doesn't always make the best decisions but it doesn't matter because I cheered from her from start to finish. She's noble, serious, playful, and insightful, and she's become one of my favourite YA heroines. 

One of the elements I loved most about this series is how Ms. Meadows dealt with the hundreds-of-years-age-difference between Ana and Sam. I've always felt a bit icky rooting for relationships when they involve a teenager whose love interest has been around for centuries and the Incarnate trilogy addresses it right on. As in, it's literally a discussion in the book between Ana and Sam. That level of awareness made me love these books even more, and with the reasonings given, I was able to invest in the relationship and it added greatly to my overall enjoyment.

So basically, what I'm saying is that if you like YA fantasy or other world-building books or romances in general, you're going to want to give this trilogy a try. Like, immediately. If nothing else, you'll have the prettiest covers ever to stare at, but like I said at the beginning of this review, if you think the covers are gorgeous, you're going to fall head-over-heels for the writing. 

I'm linking up with Heather for book club friday! Stop by to check out some new reads! :)

the nail files: all the right angles

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Woot woot! It's Friday! 


This week, I had some pinspiration, which really is the best, right?
Neon Crazy #Nails - Trends Style For more fashion and wedding inspiration visit www.finditforweddings.com Nail art

I love the bright colours but since it's fall (*weeps silently*) I figured that I'd tone it down just a smidge. Or, as toned down as a mani can get when it has a total sparkle base coat. Haha!

What I used:

The mani:

The base coats are one coat of Rebel and one coat of Sparkle and Snowflake. The texture was pretty rough, so I filled it with two coats of quick dry top coat in order to get a smooth line for the colours. When that was dry (like way dry) I cut up strips of painter's tape to use for the triangles. I had proper striping tape but it's not very wide and I usually go over the lines, so I've taken to using painter's tape unless I want very thin stripes. 

Hint: if you use painter's tape, rub the edges quickly with a finger, to warm it up because that's the best way to make sure you've got a solid seal. And if you have a solid seal, then you can do two quick coats before peeling off the tape.

I used Do You Have This Colour In Stock-holm first, on my pinky, pointer finger, and thumb, while the other two fingers got I Sea The Point and Kiwi Cool-ada. I let that dry for a while, and then added the second layer of triangles, using after school boy blazer and Do You Have This Colour In Stock-holm.

Trying to make each finger look different was more of a challenge than I'd anticipated, but I think they ended up looking random enough. If I were to do it again, I think I'd make the triangles a bit wider, so they're less spot-light-y. Haha! I'm awesome at descriptions. ;)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with the funnest of times!

And don't forget to link up and show off your nails! 


the time I won last friday

Without going into great detail, August was pretty much the worst month ever and so far, September hasn't been much better. It's at the point where I'm wondering if it's Karmic retribution for a past life, perhaps one when I was an innocent kitten killer or oppressive dictator because that's about how crappy it's been. But all of that crap made last Friday even better, so I guess I wasn't as bad in a past life as I'd feared. Thank goodness. Ha!  

First, I had my first reflexology appointment in a little place only about ten minutes from my house. It wasn't as great as the reflexology I had in New Brunswick (Go see Win! Shoot me an email if you want her contact info!) but it was okay enough. The real goodness of the appointment, however, came from where I parked--on the street, in front of a second hand store.

I hadn't been in before, and since I had time, I popped in. And it was in that store where I had my first real win of the day. Namely, finding matching sombreros.

Not only are these freaking hilarious, but they are also authentic, as demonstrated by their extreme weight. The Remix was thrilled to learn that we were now the proud owners of appropriate headwear for when we break out our margarita machine (not really). Haha!

Then the day REALLY upped its awesome game when I received an email with a 25%-off coupon for Chapters Indigo, so when The Remix came home, we went into town and I used the coupon to purchase these three babies:

So far, I've read ANATOMY OF A MISFIT and it was off-the-charts fabulous. Expect a formal review soon.

Here's the coolest part of this story, though. Turns out that THE NIGHT SEASON, which was a Bargain Book, priced at $2, was signed!


But not only that, when I took off the original discount sticker, I was floored to see that it was also a 1st Edition! MY FIRST SIGNED FIRST EDITION! EEEEEEE!

Clearly, this edition was mislabeled as a Bargain Book, but that error resulted in my triumph, so it all worked out. Haha!

But the day wasn't over yet, folks! The Remix and I still had some errands to run and they just happened to take us by a Great Canadian Bagel. It may sound strange, but one of the things I miss a lot about New Brunswick are the bagels from GCB because Ontario has very few locations, so whenever we pass one now, the unwritten rule is to pull over immediately and get the deal with eight bagels and a speciality cream cheese. Specifically, four cheddar jalapeño bagels, four cheddar swiss bagels, and a dill cream cheese. Mmmmm....dill cream cheese. Haha!

Well, turns out we'd rolled into this particular GCB about ten minutes before closing. My heart nearly broke when I saw the empty display case. The wonderful bagel proprietor saw my disappointment and asked me what I was looking for. I told her and she replied that although she had some cheddar swiss, she was out of cheddar jalapeño. 

"OH THE HUMANITY," I cried, mostly internally.

She laughed at my extreme disappointment and ran down the options she had left. One of those options were cheddar herb bagels and since The Remix doesn't mind the cheddar herb, I told her they would sub in just fine. Then, I made my way to the fridge for the cream cheese when another tragedy struck: there was no dill cream cheese. 

Now, it's probably at this point that you're wondering why this bagel bummer is in my "the time I won last friday" post, but stay with me through the trauma and you'll see soon enough. Haha!

The kind proprietor said that the cucumber cream cheese has dill in it, so although it wasn't the same, it was almost the same, which meant that it would have to do. When I got to the cash, she handed me a bag that was slightly heavier than I had anticipated.

"Just take them all," she said.

"Wow, thanks," I replied, happy to get some bonus bagels.

It wasn't until I got to the car that I saw just how many bonus bagels I was lucky enough to receive.

Final bagel count: sixteen. SIXTEEN. Now I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure that's double the amount of bagels we were supposed to get. SCORE!!

So yeah. Between the sombreros, books, and bonus bagels, I pretty much felt like this... 

Haha!! Oh this gif. It's just the greatest. 

Have you had a particularly awesome day lately? What made it so great! Let's spread around some awesome-ness! YAY FOR AWESOME-NESS!


the nail files: give'r some rhinestones

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So I'm pretty much obsessed with Intelligence, Integrity & Courage, which is why I used it again this week. I swear, it's the best grey I've ever had. You should really get yourself a bottle, guys. DO IT. It's so perfect for fall. SO PERFECT. Okay, enough screaming...for now. Haha!

This mani was easy peasy with two coats of each colour, followed by a clean up around my cuticles with a thin nail art brush and a bit of acetone, and then finished off with a coat of quick-dry top coat.

A few hours later, I added the rhinestones. Some may not wait as long, but I've learned that unless the polish is TOTALLY dry, I end up denting it when I finoogle (technical nail term*) with the gems. 

*Not really 

Because I have seriously curved nail beds, it's really hard to get the gems centred when my hand is flat, and also when it's curled, which is why I have to finoogle the crap out of every gem/stud I put on, taking turns curling and straightening my fingers to make sure they don't look like they're leaning to one side. 

And since there's nothing worse than spending the time to paint your nails, only to be forced to redo them because of dents, I've finally gotten the point that waiting a long time before putting on any kind of embellishment is the way to go. For me, anyway. You, flatter nail bed guys and gals probably wouldn't have to wait as long. Not that I'm bitter or anything, of course...okay, so maybe there's a little bitterness, but it's sprinkled with love as well. Haha!

What wonderful manis have you been rocking this week? Link up and show off!


book review: the missing place

THE MISSING PLACE is the first book I picked up from Sophie Littlefield that isn’t part of the Stella Hardesty series. I like the Stella books because they are mysteries with a bit of humour, which is kind of what I was expecting with THE MISSING PLACE. However, now that I’ve finished it, I can unequivocally say that it is nothing like the Stella Hardesty series, but don’t worry because that isn’t even almost a bad thing.

The Missing Place

In fact, I think THE MISSING PLACE is my favourite book by Ms. Littlefield. The darker tone was done so well that I didn’t once long for a more lighthearted story. I was sucked in right away and the descriptions of North Dakota were so vivid that I almost feel like I was there. Not that I’d ever want to be in the remote area of Weir, as I would prefer to be in a five-star lodge instead of a random trailer at the end of a driveway, trying to break into oil-rigging community that would strongly prefer to be left alone by outsiders, but that’s exactly where two mothers who are as opposite as can be, wind up.

The plot has two major components. First, there’s the relationship between Shay, a rough-around-the-edges, balls-to-the-wall kind of woman and the sheltered, wealthy Colleen, but what ties them together is the search for their twenty-year-old missing sons, who both disappeared without a trace while employed to work on the rigs. Nobody seems enthused to help either of them, scared of Oasis Energy, the company that literally created the community, and the police don’t appear to give a hoot either. So, it’s left up to two mothers to navigate the strange world that neither know much about.

It’s not a feel-good story by any means, but there’s a rawness to it that I connected to right away. The desperation both mothers feel is evident throughout and at times, it’s downright heartbreaking. That realness—the uncomfortable combination of being completely powerless yet still hopeful—drew me in from the very beginning and kept me engaged right through to the end.

So if you’re on the lookout for a darker, real, haunting mystery that leaves you thinking, then THE MISSING PLACE is for you! It’s scheduled for release on October 14th, so mark it on your Goodreads page and/or pre-order on Amazon!

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I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


the nail files: glammed up giver

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Woot woot! The week is (almost) over!! Man, why do shorter weeks always feel longer? It's unfair, I tell you. UNFAIR.

But freakishly-long-feeling weeks aside, it's Friday, which means that it's nail files day!! And there's nothing like a fun mani to make things awesome, right?

Note: That question was obviously rhetorical. 

I bought some new nail polish this week (inspired by Kimberly, who recently went on a buying binge--uh, thanks? Haha!) and two of the four colours I picked up were Intelligence, Integrity & Courage from China Glaze's Giver Collection, and Do you Have This Color In Stock-holm? from OPI's Nordic Collection. And holy moly, guys. HOLY MOLY. They're both awesome.

In particular, I think that Intelligence, Integrity & Courage is the best grey I've ever found. The first coat was a streaky nightmare, but the second totally evened it out. As for Do You Have This Color In Stock-holm?, it reminds me a lot of Julep's Eden, which is perfectly fine because I loved Eden. The bummer is that it goes on the same as Eden too, meaning that you need three coats to have no streaks. However, it's a freaking gorgeous purple so I  can forgive its shortcomings. Haha!

Okay, so how this mani went down was two coats of Intelligence, Integrity & Courage and Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm?. When that was dry, I added one coat of Can't Be Tamed to my pointer finger, and sealed all fingers with top coat. Later in the afternoon, I added the studs and gems, and then did another coat of top coat. 

I was late to the game with the Giver Collection and I didn't get to see many of the colours in person but with how much I love this grey, I think I'll head on over to Nail Polish Canada to get the soft pink. Has anyone seen that one? Is it really the perfect shade of pale pink? My fear is that it'll take three coats and I need to mentally prepare myself if that's the case. Haha!

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