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Woot woot! It's Friday! 


This week, I had some pinspiration, which really is the best, right?
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I love the bright colours but since it's fall (*weeps silently*) I figured that I'd tone it down just a smidge. Or, as toned down as a mani can get when it has a total sparkle base coat. Haha!

What I used:

The mani:

The base coats are one coat of Rebel and one coat of Sparkle and Snowflake. The texture was pretty rough, so I filled it with two coats of quick dry top coat in order to get a smooth line for the colours. When that was dry (like way dry) I cut up strips of painter's tape to use for the triangles. I had proper striping tape but it's not very wide and I usually go over the lines, so I've taken to using painter's tape unless I want very thin stripes. 

Hint: if you use painter's tape, rub the edges quickly with a finger, to warm it up because that's the best way to make sure you've got a solid seal. And if you have a solid seal, then you can do two quick coats before peeling off the tape.

I used Do You Have This Colour In Stock-holm first, on my pinky, pointer finger, and thumb, while the other two fingers got I Sea The Point and Kiwi Cool-ada. I let that dry for a while, and then added the second layer of triangles, using after school boy blazer and Do You Have This Colour In Stock-holm.

Trying to make each finger look different was more of a challenge than I'd anticipated, but I think they ended up looking random enough. If I were to do it again, I think I'd make the triangles a bit wider, so they're less spot-light-y. Haha! I'm awesome at descriptions. ;)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with the funnest of times!

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  1. HOLY BANANAS!!!! I've seen that pin a gazillion times and always lust after it but I'm not talented enough for that kind of nail art! YOU KNOCKED THIS OUT OF THE PARK FRIEND!!! Love it!

  2. Daaaaaaaang Jennie, you are so brave to tackle a Pinterest mani like this haha. I shy away, but you are down for the challenge. Love the way they turned out!

  3. Very cute. They remind of ice skating or disco or something. Can't quite put my finger on it.

  4. That looks SO difficult! You are talented!

  5. Thanks for the tip! Those are super-clean lines. Like shards of glass. Or tiger stripes. Meow!

  6. Hello Jennie!

    I'm lovin' your nails! Cute designs & colors too! I enjoy your weekly nail link ups too;)

    Lillies & Silk


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