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This week, my mani didn't turn out quite as I envisioned. Ugh. I just hate when that happens, don't you? I mean, the end result was okay, but I'll probably end up trying the same design but with different colours. C'est la vie, right?

I started with two coats of Intelligence, Integrity & Courage and when that was dry, got out my painter's tape and started cutting strips. I placed them along the top of each nail (or bottom, in the case of my middle finger), creating a triangle. I rubbed the edges of the tape with my finger a couple of times to get a good seal, and then added two coats of Pool Party

After that was dry-ish, I peeled off the tape and then waited for it to dry, fully. The final touch was the white border, where I used standard Stripe Rite.

I think this mani's problem was putting the pink over the grey. I'd imagined a super bright pop of pink, but it ended up looking way more orangey-red. Not the worst, but still a booooo. Haha!!

Did you have better luck than me? What did your nails look like this week? Link up and show 'em off!


  1. I caught the "this didn't turn out how I wanted" before I scrolled down really quick to add my link before reading and thought HOW did those not turn out right because they are FAB! I understand about the pink though--maybe try doing the triangle first with a white polish then painting the pink over that so it pops! (Even typing that I'm already getting a headache because that kind of sounds like a big pain in the butt haha)

  2. I hate it when the mani doesn't turn out how you want it to.

  3. The design came out great! I love that with nail polish designs like this, the color pairings are endless. I look forward to the next time we see this design in whatever other color scheme you come up with!!

  4. I seem to be having a lot of those problems too this week! Grr. I still think it's cute!

  5. I like it! With that tone of grey, any bright color would work. But I see what you mean- that pink looks more pink when it's by itself as opposed to next to anything. Just means you need more neon pinks! ;)

  6. I see what you mean about the pink, but I still think the colour combo works. And your lines are so sharp!

  7. Jennie!

    I love your nails! Cute colors too! Thanks for hosting the link up and have a good evening ;)

    Lillies & Silk


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