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It's been a seriously long time since I've done any animal prints, and since I couldn't decide, I opted to do two, yes TWO different ones. Because I'm crazy like that. Haha!

I started with two coats of Rooney and when that was dry, got out a medium dotting too and made some blobs with Boundary of Memory. After that dried, I got out a smaller dotting tool, and surrounded each of the glitter blobs, with smaller, slightly curved blobs. Yes, in case you're wondering, blobs are where it's at. Haha!

After two coats of Paper Mache for a base, I got a long, skinny nail art brush and made the stripes with Black Expressionism. I find the Finger Paints polish is better than black Stripe Rite, because it goes on smoothly and doesn't need a second coat. To add some sparkle, I traced a few of the black lines with silver glitter Stripe Rite. 

What were you rocking this week? Link up and show off! And I hope you have an awesome weekend! 


  1. You do such clean work, so pretty! I love the ring finger especially.

  2. Gosh I hate you sometimes. These are freaking perfect! LOVE love love the two animal prints! Also--I promise I'm responding to your email! Work just got out of control yesterday!! <3

  3. I love animal print. I wish I could do something like that. That Boundary of Memory looks really pretty.

  4. LOVE them. Especially the ring finger nail :)

  5. Oh M Gee ....This is to die for! I am totally in love with animal prints and have wanted so bad to try this look. You totally nailed it!!! No pun intended LOL

  6. Yay indecision! ;)
    I find I have little control over my StripeRite polishes. Maybe I need to hold the handle by the stem or something, but they always come out too wispy, varied thickness, and not in a straight line.

    You rock the Paper Mache! And the other polishes. ;)

  7. Ooooh la la, I love your animal prints!! I've never tried zebra before - you *nailed* it.

  8. Love it! The pops of sparkle are a great touch!


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