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Every once in a while, there's a mani that makes me think: How in the heck did I manage to do that?
This week's mani is one of those. Even choosing which photos to share was agony because I can't handle the prettiness! Haha!

It started when I was trying to think up a non-traditional holiday manicure while also wanting to use some of the new polishes I've gotten lately. Purple, white, black, and gold may not seem holiday-ish, at first, but I think that it works. Then again, I'm biased. ;)

This gold polish, guys. THIS GOLD POLISH. It has such a soft finish, making the name Rollin' In Cashmere even more appropriate. Be warned, though, that this polish streaks like a motha. After several failed attempts at even coverage with two coats, I learned that the brush needs a good amount of polish on it at all times. No 'finishing' strokes with this one, folks! It'll just create a big polish-less line on your nail. So load up that brush!

Because I love this mani so much, I decided to do a photo tutorial (mostly so I could remember how I did it. Haha!).

Step 1: Two coats of Paper Mache, totally dry.

Step 2: Add three big ole dots of Millie. (Don't freak if your dots aren't perfectly circular, because the edges will get covered up later.)

Step 3: With a thin nail art brush, make a u-shaped line in the centre with Tart-y For The Party, and then add a few more curved lines for petals.

Step 4: With Black Stripe Rite, add the stems and leaf outlines.

Step 5: With the same thin nail art brush as in Step 3, fill in the leaves with Rollin' in Cashmere, followed by De-Light.

One coat of top coat seals it all in.

Yay for fun, sparkly, untraditional holiday manicures! Haha!

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Okay, so I'll love you even if you don't vote, but still, please do it. Haha!

And don't forget to link up your manis for this week! I'm excited for a month's worth of holiday manis! YAY FOR HOLIDAY MANIS!

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


  1. Lovely, and I find the color scheme very soothing for some reason. Maybe it's the subliminal suggestion of cashmere coupled with my post yoga endorphins :-)

  2. I am SO impressed with this sweet friend!! I'd really like to recreate this at some point--at which point i'll totes give you all the credit! Loving the colors you used so much!

  3. loving them. Your sure know how to rock the nail art.

  4. Those are gorgeous- not Christmasy to me at all BUT I have a Beauty and the Beast convention in July (in Calgary!) that I will absolutely be doing this mani for. Thank you for posting how you did it! :D

  5. Very pretty! I think with a red it would have more of a "classic" holiday look, but I'm obsessed with purple so I love this! haha

    And I'm glad I was still able to vote for you! I think you're the only blogger that makes me laugh at all. lol

  6. You make it look so easy. Maybe I'll try that sometime. I bet it won't look that nice though.


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