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Despite Punxsutawney Phil proudly declaring we'd have an early Spring, there has yet to be a day where it's been above freezing. Also? There's still snow, like, everywhere. Mass amounts of snow, actually. And I'm over it, guys. 

Over. It.

So, in an attempt to feel more spring-like, I'm decided to do a mani with my favourite spring flower: the peony. 

I used an angled nail art brush to dab on either Michelle or Carla for the flowers. When that was dry, I used white Rite Stripe or Shelly for the petals, starting on the outside, and working inwards. Then, I fished out bits of hex glitter from one of my all-time favourites, Paris, for the centres. The last step was adding some random dots around the flowers, with Erin.

But even though I let this nail art dry forever, my middle finger STILL smudged, which made me feel a lot like this:

Coincidentally, this is also how I feel when I look outside. Haha!

I don't know why my middle finger smudged, because it has the exact same combination of polishes I used on my other nails, but it happened. And it sucked. Badly. 

Ughhhhhhhh. Smudged nail art really is the pits.

Even though my middle finger was ruined didn't turn out great, I still really dig this mani. I thought it'd be fun to do just the one finger differently, and I love how it looks. With the right colours, I think this design could totally be vintage wallpaper-y, but even as it stands, I think it's super pretty. 

What were you rocking this week? 


  1. That's super pretty, and very Spring garden wedding brunch esque. I dig it! You can totally come visit me in Seattle, where we have no snow (sad for the snowboarders) and tons of sunshine. Or head down to Arizona, where temperatures are currently in the 80's. o.0
    Or just send me the snow. Please. I miss snow. I want a winter. I can pay in peonies (we have one that blooms in our yard. Sometimes).

  2. I HEAR YOU GIRL - this snow can seriously MELT ANY DAY NOW. SERIOUSLY. ANY DAY. Your nails are amazing, and it might just be from the shine on your nails but I can't really discern where it's smudged?? Apparently even if your smudged nail art is divine.

  3. Super cute! I'm soooo over it also! My poor boyfriend drives some sports car type thing and kept getting stuck and had to miss work because he was trapped at my house. I felt horrible. D: We actually haven't had this much ice/snow the past few years combined, it's crazy. It would have been perfect at Christmas but in March?? No thanks!! haha

  4. Wow, that came out awesome. I think this is 1 of my faves that you have done.

  5. That picture is cracking me up and I hope your face isn't stuck frozen like that from too much botox! LOL Suck it smudged tho :(


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