book review: confessions of a city girl boxed set

Juliette Sobanet is one of my favourite authors. Her Parisien novels, SLEEPING WITH PARIS, KISSED IN PARIS, and DANCING WITH PARIS are full of fun and romance. So, it should be no surprise that her two novellas, available in the CONFESSIONS OF A CITY GIRL BOXED SET, are just as fun and romance-y. Except  this time, they’re based in two different cities: Los Angeles and San Diego.


CONFESSIONS OF A CITY GIRL: LOS ANGELES starts out with a hilariously touching scene between Natasha, the MC, and her mother, where Natasha learns she will inherit her mother's art gallery. I love a lot about Juliette's writing, and one of her strongest talents is creating real, three-dimensional characters. Novellas can be tricky, because there isn’t much time to ease into a character, but I had a very good idea on who Natasha was, by the end of the first chapter. Unfortunately, that meant I also got a bit of the sads, because of Natasha’s unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, via IVF. And then, Natasha’s husband doesn’t show up to her most important photo exhibit, at the gallery Natasha’s mother left her, which left me feeling extra, mega sad. 

Enter Nicholas Reyes: a hottie, once-famous photographer who’s interested in buying the gallery. The only hitch, is that Natasha has to go from DC to LA, both for the job of a lifetime, but also one amazing night in Hollywood. 
As I’m sure you can imagine it gets steamy. Like, really steamy. Older Hollywood dudes know what’s up, in the romance department. That's for sure. I particularly enjoyed the last ten pages or so. Because...*fans self* Haha!

CONFESSIONS OF A CITY GIRL: SAN DIEGO begins in a more serious way. Liz, the MC, is basically forced on a vacation from her CIA job, to attend a yoga retreat at her sister’s new studio, in San Diego. As a Wish I Liked Yoga Kinda Gal myself, I could sympathize with Liz’s reluctance. But she’s been through some trauma, having her long-time partner die on their latest mission, so she needs a break. Plus, there are some suspicions regarding her sister that she’d like to investigate. 

Of course, this is also a romance novella, and I was delighted to see that Liz’s love interest was the yoga instructor. What is it about yoga instructors that’s so hot? It’s probably the handstands. Haha!

There’s undeniable chemistry in SAN DIEGO, and even some emotional growth. As usual, there are fantastic scenic descriptions, which was awesome because I’ve never been to San Diego. After reading this novella, though, I feel like I just got back from a weekend getaway.

So if you like fun, steamy romances that have some heart, then you should read the CONFESSIONS OF A CITY GIRL Novellas. And since they’re available in a Boxed Set, there’s no better time to pick them up!

My thanks to Juliette for a copy of these novellas, in exchange for an honest review!

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