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I'm joining in on a fun little link up today, hosted by Bailie, The Hemborg Wife, and Dee at A Deecoded Life, called Blogger Problems. 

A Deecoded Life

Similar to First World Problems...

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Blogger Problems are problems that other bloggers can sympathize with (as they wouldn't necessarily seem like actual problems to others). And while I don't have a lot of Blogger Problems to share, a few did come to mind.

1. For nail posts, I have to take about five kajillion pictures before I can get a usable one. Flash spots wash out nail art designs, getting a close-up with each finger in focus is nearly impossible, bad lighting can distort colours, and if I don't take pictures at between 11am and noon, my skin can look kind of orange. The worst, though, is when I think I've finally nailed it (ha) only to go into my editing program and see spots of nail polish on my skin and cuticles that didn't get cleaned off.

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2. I read a lot, because reading is the freaking best, but over the last few years, I've decided to only review books that I L-O-V-E, in order to keep things positive. Naturally, this means that there are times where I'll go for long spells without posting reviews, because just liking a book isn't enough for me--I want to shout my love from the rooftops! So when an author gives me a copy of their book, hoping for a fantastic review, I hate when I have to send them a note, saying that I won't be reviewing their work. It breaks my heart every single time because the truth is, I want to love it, but sometimes it just doesn't resonate and then I have to eat copious amounts of cheeseburgers to feel better while simultaneously fearing an angry response to my pass.

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3. When I first started blogging, I had zero readership and it gave me the opportunity to have a diary-like blog. If I was upset about something, I could write a post and let out my feelings. Now, though, my readership is pretty solid (yay! And thank you!) but a lot of my real-life friends and family read too, so I'm constantly worried about hurting people's feelings. I wish I didn't care so much--that I could be one of those bloggers who puts everything out there--but even with quotes like this one, from the über talented Anne Lamott...

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should've behaved better. ~ Anne Lamont #quote #writing

I still find myself thinking long and hard about posting certain thoughts. Because although I'm completely entitled to my opinion, the internet is forever (as are certain relationships) so I almost always end up keeping those thoughts to myself. Even when it's really (really, really, really, really, really) hard.

So those are my Blogger Problems, what are yours? Link up with Bailie and Dee to share! :D


  1. I can relate to all these problems!

    1. LOL at the nail pun! I have to agree that taking pictures of nails must be very difficult, because the lighting and colours might not translate the same way it looks in real life. I hate doing beauty posts for this reason, like when my before and after shots don’t seem to have much of a difference on camera but in real life, they do!

    2. An author once gave me an ebook she wrote and I hated it! So I couldn’t write a bad review coz it would hurt their feelings, so I just did not write anything at all, but I also did not inform her of this decision and I still feel really bad about this.

    3. THIS! I can’t believe I forgot about this. This is my problem too! Back when my blog was just my diary with less than 10 readers, I could write about anything under the sun. Now I can’t, because I’m afraid I would bore or offend readers.

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Cheezburger guilt all the way!

  3. So feel you on the picture taking. I also watch what I say on my blog to. Due to I know friends and family read my blog.


  4. Thanks for linking up! I also have in the past wrote posts that I was no longer feeling good about having up, it is hard with a blog because you want to share but then have to scale back!

  5. Oh my gosh YES. ALL OF THESE.
    I've given up taking good pictures, labeling/branding my photos, and often taking any photos at all. Blogging is a part-time job (unpaid, of course) already!

    I feel the last one, so hard. Employers have found and read my blog, so I can't write ANYTHING related to my day job on there. Which sucks, because that's the biggest source of frustration and amusement. But then future employers will think I'm a Negative Nancy and not want to hire me. I'd rather be 100% honest and find the humor in all of it....but instead, I've got this PR block on my blog-self.

    My only respite is to not hold back on reviewing books I didn't love. Gotta let the peevishness out somehow, right? ;)


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