a little halloween inspiration

Two weeks ago, I shared a Reader's Digest version of my stupid summer, and included in that post was a picture of me, taken a few hours after my cataract surgery.

As you can see, I looked pretty freaking deranged. In fact, I believe my original caption was, "Bring me your delicious children!" Haha!

Well, my very hilarious friend Beth decided to take that picture and do a little editing, because an extremely dilated pupil really shouldn't go to waste. Haha! 

Her edits were so freaking funny that I asked her if I could share them. As you've probably guessed, she agreed. And with Halloween time on the horizon, arguably the very best part of fall (actually, not arguably. It's not up for debate: Halloween is the best. Ha!), I thought the timing was perfect. You know, just in case you know of someone having cataract surgery around the 31st and would like some costume ideas. Haha!

So without further ado, here are the Four Faces of Cataract Jennie:

Hahaha! Aren't they fabulous?! It's hard for me to pick a favourite because I love them all. I find my eyes look the most red and dilated with Dia de los Muerto Jennie, because of the black-and-white theme, but the zombie green matches my eye colour...gah! I seriously can't choose! 

Which one is your favourite? Alternate question: which do you find the most horrifying? Haha!

Thanks again, Beth! These are a hoot!


  1. such a fun post


  2. My pleasure! Thanks for supplying the inspiration. ;)

  3. These are hilarious! And hope your feeling better and done with hospital stays for a LONG time! Now I want to go to picmonkey and make some zombie pics LOL


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