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VISIONS is the second book in Kelley Armstrong’s Cainsville series and let me tell you, this is a series you need to read. Especially if you’re a fan of deep, layered mysteries, a female protagonist who doesn't take any crap, and two very different smokin’ hot dudes. Haha!

The synopsis, from Goodreads:

Omens, the first installment in Kelley Armstrong’s exciting new series, introduced Olivia Taylor-Jones, daughter of notorious serial killers, and Gabriel Walsh, the self-serving, morally ambiguous lawyer who became her unlikely ally. Together, they chased down a devious killer and partially cleared her parents of their horrifying crimes.

Their success, however, is short-lived. While Olivia takes refuge in the old, secluded town of Cainsville, Gabriel’s past mistakes have come to light, creating a rift between the pair just when she needs his help the most.

Olivia finds a dead woman in her car, dressed to look like her, but the body vanishes before anyone else sees it. Olivia’s convinced it’s another omen, a sign of impending danger. But then she learns that a troubled young woman went missing just days ago—the same woman Olivia found dead in her car. Someone has gone to great lengths to kill and leave this young woman as a warning. But why? And what role has her new home played in this disturbing murder?

Olivia’s effort to uncover the truth places her in the crosshairs of old and powerful forces, forces that have their own agenda, and closely guarded secrets they don’t want revealed.


Picking up where OMENS dropped off, Olivia’s still on a mission to investigate the murders her parents were convicted of when—uh oh!—another dead body surfaces. How does Olivia know this? Because the dead woman comes to her. Literally, as she appears in Olivia's car. And even worse? The dead woman dressed up as Olivia, meaning the whole thing is creepy to the max.

Luckily for Olivia, or unluckily depending how you want to look at it, creepy is kind of her comfort zone. So with the help from Gabriel, her lawyer, they get to work figuring it all out. I won’t spoil the details, because only a monster would steal your ability to be surprised, and rest assured guys and gals, you will be surprised.

And you won't just be surprised by the plot, either. For me, I was most taken aback with how attached I’d become to Olivia and her gang of paranormal peeps. I mean, I knew that I liked everybody, but a certain character secretly wormed their way into my affections to a degree that I hadn't anticipated. Case-in-point, during one particular scene, I cried. Yes, in italics, because it was all sorts of an ugly cry. My heart…it hurt. And I'm not even sure if the purpose of that scene—the brief lift of the curtain—was supposed to touch me like it did, but in any event, the end result was this:

And that's what's so cool about the Cainsville series. Although it's written in first-person, meaning we get the story from Olivia's POV, there are a scattering of third-person chapters that give us a taste of what's happening in the minds of other characters, and one of those simple chapters is what ripped my heart into a zillion pieces. It was understated, to the point, and oh so powerful. 

I think it's also important to note that VISIONS had one more element I hadn't expected, and it came in the form of a few very steam scenes. I'm talking about a bananapants level of steam, guys and gals, only...you know...without the pants. Haha! It allowed for a little break from the plot's intensity, and what a break it was. 

So yeah, I was already sold on this series, but now I'm officially obsessed and it's been very challenging to deal with real life when all I want to do is read the next book. If you're into paranormal mysteries, you simply MUST pick up these books.

For this mani, I used:
My Silk Tie and Matte Top Coat by OPI
Liquid Leather and Sexy in the City by China Glaze
Makeup to Breakup by ORLY
Marion and Phoebe by Julep
HK Girl Top Coat by Glisten and Glow
A thin, trimmed nail art brush
A triangular makeup sponge, cut in half

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