book review (with cover mani!): I like you just fine when you're not around

There’s a very cool Summer Reading Challenge happening, open to anyone, where the goal is to read books written by writers who belong to the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. If you look up from this post, slightly to the right, you’ll see a tab labeled: WFWA. Click on it to learn about the awesomeness! Anyway, I love having a list to pick from, and when I saw I LIKE YOU JUST FINE WHEN YOU’RE NOT AROUND, my giggle had me pressing “buy now.” Because funny titles are the best. 

The back jacket, from Goodreads:

Everything is falling apart in Tig Monahan's life. Her mother's memory is going (dementia), her boyfriend is gone (Hawaii), her absent sister shows up long enough to have a baby (and then leaves again, without the baby) and her job as a therapist has disappeared after a contentious couples' therapy session goes horribly and honestly sideways. Oh, and then there's the whole thing about the family secret that nobody saw coming.

But Tig is a survivor (she hopes) who manages to stumble and step her way to a new job, new truths, new outlooks and a new lease on life.


I’m not sure I need to leave a review, because if the back jacket description isn’t enough to have you sprinting towards your bookseller of choice, then this probably isn't the book for you. I mean, what other life-altering awful thing can happen to Tig? And the book hasn’t even started yet! Don't be scared of the awfulness, though, because while this book tackles majorly intense events, the delightfully humourous tone keeps things light.

Okay, so maybe I lied. This book is actually pretty heavy. However, Tig is such a wonderfully quirky character that even in her darkest moments, she can see the light. And yes, her humour is, at times, a defense mechanism, but there’s also a very relatable pragmatism that Tig possesses. When one extraordinarily awful thing happens to a person, it can consume them. Drag them down. Possibly even drown them. But when there are several extraordinary awful things to juggle and you're all alone, there’s no choice but to get up and just do it. Tig is the perfect manifestation of that sentiment--the Nike of women's fiction characters, if you will. Haha! Don’t get it twisted though, she’s an emotional basketcase, wound tighter than a harp string and liable to snap at any moment, but all of the external problems that Tig has to deal with force her to look within herself, whether she wants to or not. The only way out is through and fortunately, Tig seems to understand the process, so through it, she goes. 

It’s a bumpy ride, that’s for sure, and there’s a 95% chance you’ll cry when reading about Tig's ups and downs, but you’ll laugh too. In fact, I’d even gather to say that you may learn a little bit about yourself, because this book is like that friend who sits you down and holds up a mirror, lovingly exposing the parts of you that need tweaking. What you do with that information afterwards is up to you, of course, but either way, you'll get to know yourself better. 


For this mani, I used:

OPI - Red My Fortune Cookie and Matte Top Coat
Julep - Amy, Dawn, and Linda
China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise
ORLY - White Tips
Tools - saran wrap technique, small dotting tool, and piCture pOlish brush #9

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