npc 2018 holiday nail art: Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad

With Christmas fast approaching, it's time for Nail Polish Canada's annual Holiday Nail Art Competition! YAYYYYY!! I look forward to this comp every year because people come up with the awesomest festive designs and I love seeing them!

Elf is one of my favourite Christmas movies (along with millions of others who have fantastic and hilarious taste) and a scene I've always loved is when the narwhal says goodbye to Buddy as he leave to find his dad, which is where I got my inspiration for this mani.

I'm only mildly embarrassed to admit it wasn't until long after Elf's release that I learned narwhals are real, but in my defence, considering the movie's premise and abundance of talking animals, why would I assume the whale-unicorn was the only part grounded in reality? 😂 In any event, this scene is now extra amazing because it showed me there's still wonder in our own world, via the real narwhals.

For the mani, I thought a foil background would add some Northern Lights vibes, and while this was only my second time working with foil, I've figured out the nail glue situation and am obsessed with how it turned out! So shiny and festive, just like a pile of empty Quality Street wrappers that totally aren't a common occurrence on my coffee table from mid-November to January why are you looking at me like that? 😉

I've entered Buddy and his buddies into the competition, and would love your vote! Make sure to check out the other entries first, and I won't hold it against you if you decide to vote for somebody else. You can join in on the fun yourself and enter a holiday-themed mani until December 23rd, and voting ends on December 31st. Thanks and happy holidays!!

I used:

China Glaze - Street Style Princess, I'm With the Lifeguard, Emerald Bae, Werk it Honey!, Sexy in the City, Glamletics, and Mer-Made for Bluer Waters

FingerPaints - Black Expressionism and Paper Mache

Glisten and Glow - Mother Terra and topcoat

OPI - In My Back Pocket, Need Sunglasses?, Mod About You, Dating A Royal, Give Me Space, and matte topcoat

Picture Polish - Forget Me Not

ORLY - Storyteller (custom colour)

So Nailicious - needle brush and galaxy foil

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