review and cover mani: the homecoming

The back jacket from Goodreads:

What if everything you knew about the people you loved was a lie?

After the death of their absentee father, Aaron and Bridge Quinlan travel to a vast rainforest property in the Pacific Northwest to hear the reading of his will. There, they meet up with their mother and troubled sister, Franny, and are shocked to discover the will’s terms: in order to claim their inheritance they must remain at the estate for thirty days without any contact with the outside world. Despite their concerns, they agree.

The Quinlans soon come to learn their family has more secrets than they ever imagined—revelations that at first inspire curiosity, then fear. Why does Bridge have faint memories of the estate? Why did their father want them to be sequestered there together? And what is out there they feel pulling them into the dark heart of the woods?

The Homecoming is at once a gripping mystery, a chilling exploration of how our memories can both define and betray us, and a riveting page-turner that will have you questioning your very existence. 


All right, so here’s the deal: THE HOMECOMING was bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Also, it was scary. Like, I wasn’t prepared for the terror that swiftly had me regretting the choice to read while alone in my house, which probably wouldn’t have been so terrible if we didn’t live in an area similar to the book’s setting. Meaning, woods and large windows that peer into the darkness, freaking me the eff out because wait did I just hear a scream outside WHAT'S OUT THERE?! In fact, I propose there should’ve been a subtitle to THE HOMECOMING, something along the lines of “Welcome to your nightmares.” Not so much in the gore department (although there was a bit) but more like a ghost story with Jack-in-the-box SURPRISES, and since I couldn’t predict said SURPRISES, the anticipation of fear was ever-present. 

Cover design by Sian Wilson

As far as the characters were concerned, the Quinlans didn’t take long to also freak the eff out. Being effectively held prisoner in a remote property with far more questions than answers, memories began to surface that presented even more questions. And the deeper they explored the woods, the creepier their circumstances became. Tension executed with a flawless pace, had I been a cat, my burning curiosity regarding what the hell was going on likely would’ve killed me. Luckily I’m not a member of the feline species, so I survived unscathed. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Quinlans. 😈

The ending went in an entirely unexpected direction, and I was left feeling contemplative instead of petrified, even venturing into melancholy territory. Now that I’ve had time to reflect, it’s pretty astounding how Andrew Pyper created a tale that shocked me from a terror perspective, and also with the depth of emotion. Five stars all the way for this twisted little number, and a must read if you’re in the mood for a different sort of suspenseful thriller. Just make sure you close your curtains first. And get a bat. You know. To be prepared. 

Big thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada for an ARC!

For this mani, I used:

OPI – In My Back Pocket, Stay Off the Lawn, and matte topcoat

ORLY – Storyteller (colorlab)

Glisten and Glow – Mother Terra

China Glaze – Kill ‘Em With Kindness and Street Style Princess

FingerPaints – Black Expressionism and Paper Mâché


  1. Love the way you did the sunset and the lake reflection! The colors are so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much, Elyse! I love the colours too!

  2. This book doesn't sounds like one I would want to read. Have a great week.


    1. Haha yeah, it won't be for everybody. Hope you're having an awesome week!!

  3. This oine sounds fun AND set near me, so yay! :D
    Plus, that teal sunset ombre on your index finger is swoon-worthy. That base teal is, too. All the teal!


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