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I've always been an avid reader. Like, the kind of reader who got in trouble in school for reading under my desk when I was supposed to be doing geometry (an action I still stand by because isosceles triangles aren't nearly as important as what Anne Shirley does after Gilbert Blythe calls her "carrots," obviously). When I first started writing book reviews, I found out rather quickly that I really only enjoy writing reviews for novels I love so much, I have to consciously stop myself from emptying my bank account so I can buy a million copies and throw them at random passer-bys. In mid-2015, I rebranded my blog to focus on my serious love for cover manis, so all reviews from mid-2015 to present include custom nail art (which I do myself).

If you'd like me to consider a book for review, I'm interested in:

Any fiction with a badass female protagonist and/or magic
Thrillers (not political)
YA (dystopian, paranormal, adventure)
Rom-coms with an emphasis on the comedy
Humorous non-fiction

If you think your book fits my interests, send an email to jennie (dot) gibson (dot) shaw (at) gmail (dot) com that includes a summary, the cover (because I need to know if I can paint it), publishing date, and any other information that'll get me hooked. I can't guarantee a cover mani and review, but I will try to respond in a timely manner. Also, please keep in mind that I require a physical copy of the book, as it's the only way I can match colours and finish for the mani. 

Ten points to Ravenclaw for Canadian authors! 😊

Ps. This is a book blog and therefore, I review books. Offers to review other products, while appreciated, aren't my cup of tea. Thanks, though!

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