the nail files

**Unfortunately, after several years of hosting, I retired "the nail files," but don't worry! I still post regular manis on instagram, so head on over to see what I've been up to!***

Do you love nail polish?

Do you find yourself awaking in the middle of the night with a super-awesome idea involving striping tape, dotting tools, makeup sponges, and seven different colours?

Do you sometimes look at Pinterest manicures and think to yourself, I can do that, only to have it turn out to be a hot mess but you still rock the mani out of spite because you invested so much wine time? 

Well, if you answered yes to one of these questions, then I think you might be interested in a weekly blogger linkup called: the nail files.

Every Friday, nail polish enthusiasts from across the internet-o-sphere come together to celebrate all things to do with nails, so if you're a nail polish enthusiast with a blog, come by and link up! We love seeing cool colour combinations and nail art designs, and product reviews are always welcome. Whether you treat yourself to professional manis and pedis or are a DIY expert (or amateur, whatever, haha), we want to see it all!

I've been the host since July 5th of 2013 (but have participated since the beginning, in 2012), and here are some direct links to a few of manis I've done, just to give you a taste. Make sure you check out the linked-up posts as well--trust me, you don't want to miss anything! :) To see ALL my manis, click on "the nail files" tab, on the right of the main page. 

And every week, the bloggers who link up are pinned to the nail files board, which can be found here!

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